FIFA U-17 registers record 800,000 fans in stadiums

FIFA U-17 registers record 800,000 fans in stadiums- InsideSport

FIFA U-17 World Cup may not have created ripples in clocking broadcast ratings but have registered unprecedented attendance numbers in stadiums. India hosting a football world cup for the first ever time has exceeded expectations with fans attendance in the stadiums crossing 8 Lac in numbers. And the FIFA U-17 World Cup has just crossed 36-match league stage.

These numbers look more impressive when it is compared with the fans turnout at Chile during the last edition of the FIFA U-17 World Cup. According to, the tournament director, Javier Ceppi,”The attendance here in Indian is already double of what was recorded at the end of the previous edition in Chile. The world cup in India has exceeded expectations in creating infrastructure and with attendance”

The average attendance per match too has broken all records. Matches featuring India drew an average attendance of 49,000 spectators in the grounds, though all matches together till league stage got average numbers of 23,000 fans per match.

“We have seen an average attendance of 23,000 in every match, which is surely going to make this World Cup one of the best-attended tournaments. The outcome of this tournament will be very positive, and will help India in hosting higher level tournaments in future,” FIFA has stated in a press release.

This is the best ever average turnout per match since 1985 FIFA (Under 16) World Cup in China.