FIFA WC 2018 causes conflict of interests!


FIFA is all set for the most awaited 2018 Russia World Cup. With a successful completion of Confederation Cup, FIFA is happy about the arrangements in Russia. However, broadcasters have a problem with the schedule of the FIFA World Cup 2018. The event bus is causing a conflict in their interests – a clash of scheduling with the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

The Final at Moscow is slated to kick-off at 4pm UK time, and this will be the time when the flagship tennis match should be reaching its climax-point. The tennis match is also due to start at around 2pm the same day as the FIFA WC Final that is on Sunday, July 15 next year.

BBC believes that the collision will cause a national crisis in the unlikely event of England’s football team and Andy Murray both being in competition on the day, as per the daily mail reports.

Networks such as BBC and Japan’s NHK who have the rights for both Wimbledon and the World Cup are known to have made inquiries to Zurich about the possibility of changing the kick-off time.

Wimbledon has called the choice of kick-off time — ‘not ideal’ as the two semi-finals have been scheduled for 9pm Moscow time and there is even a 10pm start earlier in the football tournament.

However, FIFA are adamant that there will be no switch and emphasise that 4pm is an appropriate time when the world audience is taken into account.