FIFA World Cup 2018: Gatorade campaign build on Messi-Suarez rivalry

Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez in Gatorade TVC - InsideSport

Gatorade has come up with a super exciting, action-filled yet humorous campaign –  ‘Everything Changes’. The TVC features football legends and Barcelona teammates Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, who will be pitted against each other in the high octane FIFA World Cup 2018 action in Russia.

During the month-long FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, many will come forth in a display of friendship, brotherhood and camaraderie, cheering and supporting for the favourite teams together. Still, some friendships will be put on hold!!

Yes, you heard it correct. As the European football seasons have come to close, the friends who donned same colours for a common goal as club professionals are now rivals at a bigger stage that puts on display football’s fiercest rivalries.

Professional commitments take a back seat as emotions and nationalism run through bloodstreams as the FIFA World Cup 2018 kicks off in Moscow June 14.

Gatorade, in its new witty and amusing TVC, shows how the two Barca compatriots – hailed for the great bonding they share on and off the field – turn into fierce rivals as they gear up for the football’s most coveted title on the planet.

The duo stops talking to each other, unfollows each other on social media, publicly announces their relationship as ‘complicado,’ and do their best to ridicule and rebuke each other openly in the public. The ones who struck hard together leading their Spanish club with a title-winning streak in 2017-18 season of LaLiga, will now be seen in an exhilarating face-off battle to be reckoned among the world’s football superpower.

‘Everything changes’ this action-packed summer season of football celebrations, ‘except for what’s inside them’ as Messi and Suarez come out of their Barca identity to be the big Argentine and Uruguay hopes over the next one month in Russia.

However it won’t be soon enough when the two will face each other as Uruguay is in Group A and Argentina D. So the football fans waiting for this ‘rivalry’ to culminate may have to wait until the semi-finals, supposedly if the two teams manage to reach there.

Messi and Suarez have inked long-term sponsorship deals as the brand ambassadors of Gatorade – a PepsiCo owned popular sports beverage brand. Messi will lead Argentine while his Barca pal Suarez will lead his national side Uruguay. Surprisingly, both of the South American football giants will be vying for their third title this edition of the World Cup.