FIFA World Cup 2018: Indians more passionate than top FIFA nations

FIFA World Cup 2018: Indians more passionate than top FIFA nations - InsideSport

Football fans in India are rooting for their “Doosri Country” in the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. The frenzy is ignited further by latest heroics of the Indian football captain Suni Chhetri and his teams during the Inter Continental Cup triumph.

A latest survey reveals that Indian football fans are more passionate about the FIFA World Cup 2018 than the supporters from the most of the 32 countries taking part in the FIFA World Cup 2018.

IPSOS has carried out a survey in 27 countries on various aspects of the FIFA World Cup 2018. In India, 31% fans in the sample group have accepted to be extremely passionate about the FIFA World Cup 2018 as they will root for their “Doosri Country”. Only Saudi Arabia (41%) and Peru (38%) have more passionate football fans than Indian, says the Survey report.

The rapid growth of social media and high-speed affordable internet data, availability of live content from the European club football, successful staging of the under-17 FIFA World Cup in India last year and the Indian football team’s steady rise in world football – from 173 to 93rd ranking in three years – are some of the key factors leading to popularity of the sport in the country.

Russians, who have bought the maximum 872,578 tickets, will have the strongest presence during the FIFA World Cup matches. However, the survey reveals that a mere 9% people from the host nation are passionate about the World Cup – the number is the lowest among the 27 nations covered in the survey.

Indian fans are also positioned third among the World Cup ticket buyers from the non-participating nations. Indian fans have bought 17,692 World Cup tickets. So is the rest of India watch the World Cup.

A majority 61% in India will watch the World Cup action live on television. Internet will attract 45% of the Indians for the World Cup live content, while mobile (32%), tablet (15%) and radio (8%) are the other options for the Indian football fans.

Meanwhile, 23% fans in the survey have tipped Germany to win the FIFA World Cup in Moscow. Brazil (21%), Spain (11%), Argentina (8%), France (4%) and hosts Russia (2%) come next in the order of mention. In Germany 44% people believe that the team will return with the World Cup Trophy from Russia.