FIFA World Cup 2018: Predictor – fan engagement opportunity on Sony LIV

FIFA World Cup 2018: Predictor – fan engagement opportunity on Sony LIV - InsideSport

As you shout, scream and follow the dream of your Doosri Country this Fifa World Cup over the next 32 days, the get ready to be a part of the crowd as Sony LIV brings Russia close to you!

The live streaming platform for the FIFA World Cup 2018 gives you a never before opportunity to play along as the action unfolds across 12 grounds in 11 Russian cities! Just keep your phones in hand as you tune into the FIFA World Cup live action on Sony Ten, Sony ESPN and Sony LIV.

The second screen brings to you an opportunity to engage and interact with while cheering for your Doosri Country. The Predictor Game live on the Sony LIV app is an opportunity for each football fan in the country to actively involve with all the 64 FIFA World Cup 2018 matches.

This Predictor game on SonyLiv captures the following most exciting aspects of a match:

Final Score – Have you watched these two teams play in the past? Have you analysed how their attack and defence is? Use this expertise and let us know what you this is going to be the final score.

The Penalty Kick – Do you know the success rate of the penalty taker? Or is he up against an unstoppable keeper? You choose whose side are you on in penalty situation and earn points.

The Corner Kick – Will this corner result in a goal or be cleared by the defending team? Put your football analysing experience to the test to score points.

Goal in 30 seconds – Will this attacking play result in a goal in next 30 seconds? Remain glued to the match for the next 30 seconds to see how the attacking play really pans out.

Man of the Match – Vote for your Man of the Match and if your vote lies with the majority, earn points.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 official broadcaster will run a Leaderboard for the fans engaging in the Predictor game. The fan with the most points on that Leaderboard will win exciting prizes. There are prizes for the winners in each game for all the 64 matches.

The fans also get an opportunity to engage in polls, trivias and quizzes and give you breaking news updates of your Doosri Country on the second screen platform as you become the 24th man in their squad for an entire month!