FIFA World Cup 2018: These records are jaw dropping

FIFA World Cup 2018: These records are jaw dropping - InsideSport

Sports is as much about wins and losses as it is about records. History of sports is laced with feats which are recorded in books as records, unique performances. The flurry of records in sports – a multi-billion dollar industry now – goes far beyond the boundaries with some jaw-dropping numbers.

These appear feats out of the world, records hard to believe but still true. In run-up to the FIFA World Cup 2018, the Nigerian team supporters have created one such record that even the team official kit supplier would have found as hard to believe and harder to meet.

3,000,000 jerseys: The Nigerian fans were so obsessed with the team’s home and away jerseys that they had pre-ordered three million units within a week after the official partners have launched the team’s match kit. Price at a whopping $85 (₹ 5,500), the replica of the Nigerian team jersey is for sure not affordable for an average fan. Still, 3 million units were sold on pre-orders within 15 minutes, Nike had officially stated. Isn’t that something crazy?

$14 billion – The FIFA World Cup 2018 organisers have spent $14 billion to host the event in 11 cities, 12 stadiums spread across 2,897 km in Russia. Major portion of the total spent is incurred on construction and renovation of 12 stadiums, modernisation of 20 railway stations, repairs of hundreds of kilometres of roads and expansion of airports.

8210 km: This is the maximum distance a FIFA World Cup team, Egypt, will fly to play their FIFA World Cup 2018 group stage matches in Russia. With their base camp at Grozny in the Chechen Republic, Egypt is scheduled to play their group stage games at Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Volgograd.

45 years and 5 months: The age of the eldest player in the FIFA World Cup squads list. Essam El-Hadary is in line to earn his 158th cap for Egypt, and become the oldest player to feature in a World Cup finals. The goalkeeper made his international debut in 1996, before Kylian Mbappé, Marcus Rashford and Trent Alexander-Arnold were born.

108 Premier League players: The Premier League is the single largest league for its representation of 108 players across the 32 World Cup teams in action in Russia. Out of the total 736 players, nearly 50% – 353 to be precise, play for the clubs in the top five English Spanish, German, Italian and French leagues.