FIFA World Cup sticker maker brand reaches €1 billion turnover in 2018

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Panini America was in news for making the FIFA World Cup 2018 stickers. The company, headquartered in Italy, has yet again made headlines for its €1 billion ($1.145 bn/ ₹ 8,154 crore) turn over during the World Cup year.

Panini, the sticker and collectibles company, has claimed a turnover exceeding $1.145 billion (€1 billion) for 2018 on the back of sales of stickers related to the Fifa World Cup. Panini in 2017 had a revenue of €536 million when there was no major international tournament. In 2014, the year of the previous World Cup in Brazil, Panini had generated turnover of €758 million.

Many people around the world have fond memories of collecting the iconic Panini football stickers when younger – and some avid collectors never stopped. The Russia 2018 edition of the album included space for a record 682 stickers, with Paul Harper, a maths professor from Cardiff in Wales, calculating that completing the sticker book would cost collectors an average of $985 as due to the probabilities of getting duplicates, an individual would need to buy 967 packets or 4,832 stickers.

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Founded in 1961 by four brothers in Modena, northern Italy, the company is going strong in its sticker making business. It hasrevealed a record €1 billion turnover for 2018. “The Panini Group will achieve a turnover of about one billion euros for 2018 thanks to the World Cup, almost double the 536 million euros achieved in 2017,” said Panini’s Italian market director, Antonio Allegra, during the presentation of the new Italian league album in Milan.

“The stickers are a passion for everyone, not just men, as shown by the number of active collectors who are about 1.5 million, including one million young people or children,” Allegra said. “It’s the album of women’s football too, which has never been given so much space,” he added.“We’re already preparing the 60th edition, while from next year we will launch the Premier League album.”

Stickers are sold in 120 countries and the group employs more than a thousand people worldwide. In 2018, Panini UK also signed an exclusive worldwide agreement to become the Official Stickers and Trading Cards Licensee of the Premier League from Season 2019-20. The agreement covers retail and promotional product, both physical and digital.

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