Fly a Ferrari in Fortnite before the glitch gets fixed

Fortnite Season 7: Fly a Ferrari in Fortnite before the glitch gets fixed
Fortnite Season 7: Fly a Ferrari in Fortnite before the glitch gets fixed

Epic games released its latest update on Fortnite on July 22, 2021. The update offers Fortnite’s first licensed car in partnership with Ferrari, the Ferrari 296GTB. This week’s Epic Quests mainly revolve around testing the driving skills of players on the new Ferrari, which includes Ferrari Time Trials and reaching maximum speed on the car. However, Fortnite players couldn’t get enough of these quests and they have found a glitch where they can fly the Ferrari 296GTB. Fortnite Season 7

glitch in Fortnite is nothing new in the game. Players have previously discovered a lot of glitches and every new patch brings more. Glitches can be really irritating at times and may completely ruin the gameplay for you but some glitches are very much fun and this Ferrari glitch is one of them.

How to fly a Ferrari in Fortnite:

The Ferrari 296 GTB is spawning all over the map and players are having a grand time driving this supercar. To fly these cars, players need to trigger a glitch by constructing some ramps. When the structure has been built, players need to get on the ramp with the Ferrari and push the boost button just at the end of the last ramp. After the boost button has been triggered, release the button immediately. The Ferrari will have considerable gains in elevation and then the players will need to keep on hitting the boost button at times, to maintain the height.

This might take players some time to execute as it demands a lot of precision. It may take a few tries before one can take off. Glitches are found quite often in Fortnite and Epic Games rolls out new fixes regularly to keep the gameplay clean. So, it is advised for players to try out this glitch before Epic Games takes it out.

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