Football Business : Check which football Club has fielded the most number of players in last 4 years

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The 290th edition of the CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post clubs from 87 top divisions worldwide according to the number of players fielded in domestic league matches since January 2015. The highest value was recorded for the Colombian side of Deportivo Pasto (176 different players), while the lowest one was measured for Shanghai SIPG in China (44 players). 
South American clubs are over-represented among those with the highest squad turnover: 7 in the top 10 positions and 14 in the top 20. Conversely, many top-flight European teams are among those who fielded the least different players in domestic league matches since January 2015, such as Manchester City (52), Real Madrid (54) and Bayern Munich (59). Generally speaking, the richest leagues are not those where clubs change the most players. The average number of players fielded per club and season varies between 38.7 in the Paraguayan top division and 22.1 in the San Marino one. The highest values in Europe were recorded in Romania (30.5 players per club and season) and Croatia (30.2).

Number of players fielded since January 2015 

Clubs from 87 top divisions worldwide (season 2019 or 2019/20) – Domestic league matches until 31/12/2019

Atletico Club – (ESP)- 50
Tottenham Hotspur (Eng) – 51
Bayer Leverkusen (Ger) – 52
Manchester City (Eng) – 52
Real Madrid (Spain) – 54
Bayern Munich (Ger) – 59
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