Football Business: Chinese Super League season in trouble

The Chinese Super League season is unlikely to happen this year if the next proposal for football to return to the country is not approved, local media have reported.
The CSL’s 2020 season should have kicked off in February but was halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Chinese Football Association has made several proposals to restart, but none have yet been approved by Chinese authorities.

Several proposals for the 2020 season to begin have been submitted and rejected by the General Administration for Sport and Centre for Disease Control.

CSL – Areas of Concern
– AFC & FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Scheduled in Oct-Nov
– The Clubs will have to release players for national camps
– Foreign players, coaches are currently prevented from entering the country due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.
CSL New Format Proposal 
The latest CSL proposal, which is yet to be approved by the CFA, would see Shanghai and Guangzhou act as host cities for the remaining matches. The 16 teams in the CSL would split into two groups of eight, playing seven matches each, before the leading teams of each group move to the next stage to decide the final standings.
China is aiming to qualify for 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar
China now has four games to play as they attempt to qualify for Qatar 2022, two decades after their sole appearance at a FIFA World Cup in Japan and South Korea. The games are set for October 8 and 13 then November 12 and 17.

Li Tie’s side are likely to have extended training camps for those games, based on past experience, and this means a start date later than July would be problematic for finishing before the scheduled end date of early December.

Chinese Super League : Financial Woes also taking its toll

Financial woes are also taking a toll on China’s professional football clubs, with 11 being disqualified for failing to pay wages and five closing shop on their own terms, including last season’s Chinese Super League side Tianjin Tianhai and few days back Asian giants Liaoning Hongyuan also folded up.

Fallen Asian heavyweight Liaoning Hongyun bid farewell to their fans and apologised after they were among 11 clubs disqualified from Chinese football because of financial problems.

CSL club Tianjin Tianhai folded earlier in April.