Football Business : Newcastle’s proposed $378mn takeover in serious doubt

NEWCASTLE’S proposed takeover is now in serious doubt after a damning World Trade Organization report condemned the $379Mn (£300million) Saudi deal amid the ongoing piracy row.

The report claimed the Premier League would be “acting inconsistently” if they allowed the takeover to go ahead.

The WTO also claimed the league would be going against their “own decisions and factual evidence” if they gave it the green light, according to reports.

The Premier League have been deliberating whether to allow the takeover of Newcastle for nine weeks already.

It has been claimed the outcome of the Owners and Director’s tests will be revealed this week.

Speaking to the news outlet, an unnamed executive at a Premier League side said: “If you’re asking me which way the vote will go with the the owners and directors of the Premier League, it’s a flip of a coin.”

The key argument of the WTO report focusses on the piracy scandal which has rocked the takeover process.

What is the WTO report – Click the link to know that