Football Business : UEFA scores over FIFA, hands over $4.7 million each to member federation

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UEFA is paying $255 million in advance to its national federations and easing requirements on how they spend it during the pandemic.

UEFA says each of its 55 members is getting up to $4.7 million (35 Crores) they are due in central funding through next season. UEFA’s funding program, called Hat-Trick, is worth twice as much to European federations as they get from FIFA.

The program is worth more than 11 million euros ($12 million) in the current 4-year cycle compared to $6 million in basic funding from FIFA for 2019-22.

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UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin says the money can be used as our members see fit to rebuild the football community. Ceferin says this is a responsible decision to help as much as we can.

Ceferin said: “This money will help rebuild the football community.

“This is a responsible decision to help as much as we can and I am proud of the unity that football is showing throughout this crisis.

“Without doubt, football will be at the heart of life returning to normal. When that time comes, football must be ready to answer that call.”

This HatTrick funding is usually distributed to the national associations to cover running costs and to help develop specific and targeted areas of domestic football. However, UEFA has decided to allow each association to set its own priorities in light of the negative impact of the coronavirus on football at all levels.

European officials are usually required to spend certain amounts in areas such as youth and women’s soccer, referee training, and operating costs. They are not subject to mandatory UEFA audits.