Football Money League: Real Madrid highest earning club the world over

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Real Madrid have regained their place as the highest-earning football club in world football. The Deloitte Football Money League leaders last year, Manchester United have moved down to the third position.

The Blancos’ record-for-the-season €750.9 million ($849.86 million) in revenue is followed by La Liga rivals Barcelona (€690.4m / $781.38 mn) and Manchester United (€666m /$ 753.77 mn) in the rankings.

As Manchester United slipped from their top spot last season to third, Real Madrid and Barcelona have each moved up one spot.

It is the 12th time that Madrid have topped the rankings, and the first time since the 2014-15 season.

The Deloitte Football Money League, now in its 22nd edition, ranks the top 20 clubs by revenue in world football. Though two La Liga teams top the rankings, the top 10 is dominated by English sides, with six of the 10 teams coming from the Premier League. It is the most teams ever in the top 10 from a single country.

Deloitte says that if the Premier League is to continue its dominance of the rankings in future seasons, it must rely more on commerical revenue and less on broadcast.

“The substantial presence of Premier League clubs continues to be felt in this year’s Deloitte Football Money League,” Sam Boor, senior manager in the Sports Business Group at Deloitte, said.

“However, with the Premier League’s tender for the next cycle of domestic rights from 2019-20 complete and sale of overseas rights nearing conclusion, it is clear that Premier League clubs will be unable to rely on explosive growth in broadcast distributions as a source of future growth, as has been the case in recent years.

“As a result, we expect an even greater emphasis among these clubs on generating their own growth in the coming season, and in particular the optimisation of commercial revenue, which has been a key area for differentiating growth across most of Europe’s leading clubs in recent years.”

Overall, the 20 clubs in the rankings raked in €8.3bn combined last season, a new record. Broadcast revenue remains the largest individual income stream, making up 43 per cent of total revenue.

“European football remains a bull market, with annual revenue growth of almost €450 million in this year’s Football Money League,” Dan Jones, a partner in the Sports Business Group at Deloitte said.

“At the top, we have seen Real Madrid shatter records, becoming the first club to break the three-quarters of a billion euro mark and claim a record 12th Money League title in the process.”

Nine of the 20 teams in the rankings are from the Premier League, while four of the teams hail from Italy, three from Spain, three from Germany, and one from France.

Full Deloitte Football Money League rankings

Position (last year) Club 2017-18 Revenue (€m) 2016-17 Revenue (€m)
1 (2) Real Madrid 750.9  674.6
2 (3) FC Barcelona 690.4  648.3
3 (1) Manchester United 666 676.3
4 (4) Bayern Munich 629.2 587.8
5 (5) Manchester City 568.4 527.7
6 (7) Paris Saint-Germain 541.7  486.2
7 (9) Liverpool 513.7 424.2
8 (8) Chelsea 505.7 428.0
9 (6) Arsenal 439.2 487.6
10 (11) Tottenham 428.3 359.5
11 (10) Juventus 394.9 405.7
12 (12) Borussia Dortmund 317.2 332.6
13 (13) Atletico Madrid 304.4 272.5
14 (15) Inter 280.8 262.1
15 (n/a) Roma 250  171.8
16 (16) Schalke 243.8 230.2
17 (20) Everton 212.9 199.2
18 (n/a) Milan 207.7 191.7
19 (n/a) Newcastle 201.5 99.7
20 (17) West Ham 197.9 213.3


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