Football top contributor to $47bn sports media rights market

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The global media rights total market has reached $47 billion in 2017.

The annual TVSM Global Report – 2017 by SportBusiness Group has pegged the Global Sports Media Rights Market sales at $47 billion. According to the report, the figure has arrived through the intelligence tool TVSM rights tracker, created by the company.

The global value of sports media rights was just under $47bn in 2017, up from $43.6bn in 2016. The report suggests that the year on year growth will continue for the sports media rights market and it has been forecast that the industry will breach the $50bn-barrier in 2019 and reach almost $54.3bn by 2021, the report states.

The Top 10 sports generated combined media rights value of $47 billion in 2017, a 7.6 percent increase on 2016. In spite of a $2.55 billion Indian Premier League media rights deal between the Board of Control for Cricket in India and 21st Century Fox-owned Star India, cricket gets the 10th and the last position in this table.

1. FOOTBALL: The leading contributor among all is expectedly the world’s most followed sport viz Football. The most beautiful game played on the planet is also the biggest generator of media rights value for the sports rights market. Football generated $18.8 billion in 2017. The rights values in the sport have registered a growth of 9.9% over the 2016 numbers.

2. AMERICAN FOOTBALL: The American football occupies the second spot among the sports to generate highest media rights values. The segment in total is composed entirely of the global revenue for the National Football League. In this report, US College American Football is classified under college sports, while indoor formats such as the Arena Football League are also counted as a separate category.

3. BASKETBALL: Basketball overtook baseball to become the world’s third most valuable sport in 2017 following a 32% increase over the 2016 revenues.

4. BASEBALL: Baseball is the fourth most valuable sport with $3.7bn rights fees generation in 2017. The sport was placed among the top three in 2016.

5. US COLLEGE SPORT: The media rights market for the US College Sport happens to be bigger than motorsports, golf, and cricket. The $3 billion media rights market in 2017 has placed the US College Sports at No. 5 position on the list.

6. MOTORSPORT: Motorsport media rights values in 2017 have grown by 0.6% to reach $1.8bn in 2017. The sport is dominated by two properties, which provide 86% of the total media rights collection for motorsports.

7. ICE HOCKEY: Ice Hockey media rights values for 2017 have been pegged at number 7 in the report with Canada being the biggest contributor of these revenues.

8. MULTI-SPORT COMPETITION: The multi-sport competitions’ revenue total is almost entirely from the Olympic Games. Olympics media rights revenue has been divided over four-year ‘Olympic cycles’, each covering one Winter Olympics and one Summer Olympics.

9. GOLF: Golf media rights generated $1.2bn in 2017, a 3% increase on 2016 to occupy the 9th place in the list

10) CRICKET: Surprisingly cricket occupied the 10th place in the report. Cricket is due to break the $1bn revenue mark in 2018 with the start of the new $510m-per-year Indian Premier League global rights contract.

The NFL, the most popular sports property in world’s biggest consumer market, by far is the largest generator of media rights revenues among the world’s sports properties. The league derives almost all its $7.3bn annual rights income from its domestic market

The US has emerged as the largest sports media rights market in the world with a value of $21.2bn in 2017, a 6.5% increase over the 2016 figures. The US provides 45% of global sports media rights value and is over four times the size of the second-largest market, the UK.