Former AIFF president PR Dasmunsi passes away

Former AIFF president PR Dasmunsi passes away

Former president of the All India Football Federation and senior Congress Party leader Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi is no more. He was 72.

Dasmunsi breathed his last in the Capital on Monday after being in coma for nine years.

He was the first Indian to be a FIFA match commissioner. The former AIFF chief had the honour of performing the prestigious duty in the 2006 World Cup group stage tie between Australia and Croatia.

Dasmunsi, at the time of suffering a brain stroke in 2008, was the president of the AIFF. Praful Patel, the present supremo of the football governing body in India, was then made the officiating president of the AIFF.

Dasmunshi as the Minister for Information and Broadcasting was also responsible for the decision to force Indian sports broadcaster Nimbus Communications to share live feed of the Indian cricket matches with the state television network, Doordarshan. Nimbus was the official media rights holder to broadcast Indian cricket matches over four years. The private broadcaster had acquired the rights for multi-million dollars.