Formula 1 Business : Silverstone & F1 in agreement to host two races this season

Silverstone has reached an agreement with Formula 1 to host two grands prix this summer.

Both races will be held behind closed doors, as organisers look for government approval to begin racing safely before coronavirus restrictions are fully eased.

An exemption from proposed 14-day quarantine rules for teams and officials flying in from abroad may also be needed.

“An agreement in principle has been reached between Silverstone and Formula 1 to host two races behind closed doors this summer,” Stuart Pringle, Silverstone’s managing director told Motor Sport.

“But this is still subject to UK government guidelines and will only happen if approved. We will be doing everything within the letter – and spirit – of the Covid-19 regulations.”

The Silverstone double-header is expected to follow two season-opening races in Austria in July. Dates have not been confirmed but the prospect of midweek races has been ruled out.

The agreement has been reached following negotiations this week between F1 and the British Racing Drivers’ Club, which owns Silverstone. BBC Sport had previously reported that Silverstone was seeking $18.3m to host the two races but a compromise has now been reached.

The events would be held following back-to-back races in Austria, according to a provisional calendar reported by the Autosport website. Autosport reported that the season is set to begin with double-header rounds in Austria on July 5 and 12 and will be followed by the Silverstone races in late July and early August.