Fortnite introduces a new Imposter mode based on Among Us.

Fortnite introduces a new Imposter mode based on Among Us.
Fortnite introduces a new Imposter mode based on Among Us.

Fortnite just introduced a new limited time game mode known as Fortnite Imposters. This new mode is totally influenced from one of the most popular games in this pandemic, Among Us. Fortnite Imposter mode will allow a maximum of 10 players, which will include two imposters and eight agents. These eight agents will have to work together to complete various tasks around the map. The two imposters will try to eliminate the agents or undo their work.


Fortnite: Agents will be working in The Bridge which contain various well-oiled machines. The Agents need to keep it that way by completing assignments like repairing the Battle Bus, delivering Storm reports for Analysis and calibrating llamas and chests. Agents have to complete the assignments quickly and need to figure out the Imposters. Players can achieve victory either by completing all the assignments or by eradicating all the Imposters.

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Like the Agents, Imposters will also have several assignments that they can complete to earn trust among other agents. Though Imposters are capable to do a lot of dubious activities like freezing the progress of all assignments, teleport all the agents and Imposters to somewhere else on the bridge and initiate a peely party, in which all imposters and agents look like peely, so that the Imposter can blend in to the crowd.

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Fortnite: Players can communicate with each other in party chat using Emotes and the Quick Chat Menu. While players can queue up with any party size, Epic games suggests playing with 10 players for the best experience. Players can also call for a Discussion to check on other agents and talk about potential imposters. Players are really eager to experience this new Among Us version of Fortnite.