Free Fire 2021: You can’t stop falling in Love with these 5 Free Fire Characters in 2021

Best Free Fire Characters in 2021: Free Fire comes with a lot of in-game modes, which are not just interesting, but also fun to play. Clash Squad in Free Fire is one of the better modes of the game and for you to win those, you need the right characters along with skills.
Free Fire has a big pool of characters and these characters have their own bag of skills that can be used in-game to be better than your enemy.
Here are InsideSport’s top 5 Free Fire characters for Clash Squad:
Easily one of the best characters in Free Fire, DJ Alok is based on a real-life DJ and has some interesting powers that can make you unbeatable, if you know the know hows. .
He is largely known for this ability called Drop the Beat in which he can surround himself with an aura that increases the ally speed by 10% and also restore 5 HP per second for a total of 5 seconds. This ability has a maximum expandable time of 10 seconds.
K is the latest addition to the list of characters in Free Fire. This character came out of a collaboration between Free Fire and DJ KSHMR.
K comes with two skill modes. One of the skill modes comes with an active skill that grants the allies within a 6m radius with 500% increase in the EP conversion rate and the passive ability is going to restore 2 EP every 3 seconds and once the bar reaches a total of 100 EP, the active skill can be used again.
Based on Hritik Roshan, Jai is a character that is a SWAT trained agent according to Free Fire. This character has an odd ability known as Raging Reload.
With this ability, the gun reloads 30% with each takedown and can touch a max capacity of 45%. It is the perfect character for players who want action and the ones who like to rain down bullets on the enemies.
This legendary samurai comes with a passive ability called Bushido and it grants an increased armor penetration by 7.5% with every 10% decrease in HP. The armor penetration can reach 10% when the character is maxed out.
Hayato is the ultimate ally in Clash Squad. If you are confident about your skills, his skills are an added asset to what you can do.

Kapella works best as support in the team and can assist you in fights. Her abilities to heal can aid you by 10% and the HP lost by allies will be 20%. Overall, these skills will provide you with the sustainability you require as a team when playing Clash Squad.