Free Fire Moco Coder’s Crib Event: How to claim all the rewards.

Free Fire developers recently introduced the new Moco Coder’s Crib event and revealed all the exciting rewards that come with it. Free Fire has already been the top-grossing game on PlayStore for the month of August. The developers are doing a great job to add new contents in the game to keep the game more dynamic for the players. The Free Fire Moco Coder’s Crib event offers a wide range of collectibles after completing the event successfully.

The Moco Coder’s Crib event started from September 10 and will go live till September 26. This will give players a good amount of time to complete the event and claim the rewards. In order to complete the event, players need to play a mini-game in the event itself. Players will need to collect Coder Cube CI tokens and exchange them with Moco Coins by playing the mini-game. The deciphering level of the game will rise gradually as the players continue to play the mini-game. These deciphering levels will determine the kind of rewards the players will get in the event.


Coder's Crib event mini-game

The Moco mini-game is fairly simple to play and players are required to kill the obstacles by moving right and left in the mini-game. Rewards like the Moco month pin, Summon Airdrop, Scan and Bonfire can be claimed at deciphering level percentage of 1%-25%. The Supply Crate, Armor Crate, Pet food and Cyber Falco pet skin can be claimed at deciphering level percentage of 25%-50%. Players can get their hands on the Moco’s Wings Parachute Skin, Gold royale voucher and Random loadout loot crate by reaching deciphering level percentage of 50%-75%. The Weapon and Diamond royale vouchers can be claimed at 75% or above. Though all the rewards haven’t been disclosed yet, some YouTube leaks suggest that a deciphering level percentage of 100% can unlock the Elite Moco Bundle.

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