Free Fire to celeberate Booyah Day from 24th October, Check all the rewards you can win.

Free Fire Booyah Day

One of the most awaited events of Free Fire, the Booyah Day Event, has begun in Garena Free Fire. The give aways have been introduced. The event was announced on Free Fire’s social media handles, and the latest version of the game, called the Free Fire Booyah Day.

As per the calendar released by the developers, the event will occur between October 24 and November 1 and add a bunch of exciting features and rewards to the game. To celebrate this main event, new free events and giveaways will be introduced starting October 16 before the actual event. Here is everything that you need to know about the Free Fire Booyah Day. This event will last for 17 days, and during this period, users will have to complete specific challenges or surpass milestones to get these rewards.

All the Booyah Day Rewards

For the first time, Free Fire will have an upgradeable gun skin that will evolve with the increase in level. The players will get UMP – Booyah’s Skull gun skin as a login reward with a unique new visual effect. The players will have to upgrade it by playing games from October 24 to November 1. They will receive Original Flame Tokens that can be used on UMP – Booyah’s Skull to upgrade it.

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In addition to this, the players will get the following rewards during the event:

Gold and fragments after triple matches
Booyah Skull Plank
Sweet Booyah Tokens in sculptures
Bonuses to call friends back to the game
Crystal Dragon Tokens to increase the level of the AK47 – Dragon Flame skin

On October 28, the players will get Black Booyah Tokens for shooting the enemies down that can be exchanged for the Skull Prince Mask.

Booyah Global Leaderboard

Booyah Leaderboard in Free Fire

During the event period, where the players will have to play matches in Battle Royale (normal and ranked) and Contra Squad (normal and ranked) mode. The top 100 players with the most number of wins will be displayed on the Booyah Global Leaderboard and win the Pot – Booyah weapon skins and Katana – Booyah’s Skull.

Booyah GO

There will also be a board-shaped strategy minigame called Booyah GO in which the players will have to reach the Booyah Point after tackling the monsters in the middle of the road as obstacles. The top 100 players will be featured on the Booyah Global Score and will receive the Katana – Booyah Skull skin.

Global Booyah Count

All the wins made globally on the Booyah Day will be counted, and prizes will be distributed to all the players based on the total number of Booyahs.

Booyah Crown Tokens

These will be special tokens that can be collected by playing Booyah GO and participating in the Daily Check-In Booyah login event. Booyah Crown Tokens can be later exchanged for special event items starting from October 16.

Booyah Day Challenges

Starting from October 20, the players will have to complete 12 missions within a week to get Booyah’s Skull Backpack as a reward. Additionally, the players can also collect the Booyah’s Skull Board by just logging in on October 24, 2020.

Burnt CS Mode

CS Queimada Mode is one of the most exciting things about the Booyah Day Event in which four Contra Squad teams will be scattered over the four different zones of the map and will play normal CS Mode game. All the teams will play against each other one by one, and the team who loses three games will be eliminated, and it will go on till seven teams are eliminated. CS Queimada Mode will be available to play from October 24 to November 1.

Booyah Exchange
Exchange mechanism in Free Fire
Players will also be able to exchange Booyah Crown Tokens for several in-game items. They can collect the tokens from Booyah GO or by participating in the daily check-in Booyah log-in event.

The following are the rewards that the players will be able to redeem upon completion of milestones.

Rewards unlocked at 10 billion Booyahs:
Bounty Token – 3 Booyah Crowns
Lion Heart – 30 Booyah Crowns
Booyah Day 2020 (Banner) – 20 Booyah Crowns
Booyah Victor (Surfboard) – 20 Booyah Crowns
Rewards unlocked at 20 billion Booyahs:
Leg Pockets – 3 Booyah Crowns

Booyah Day! (Parachute) – 30 Booyah Crowns

Booyah Day Loot Box – 30 Booyah Crowns

Grenade – Booyah Day – 30 Booyah Crowns

Rewards unlocked at 30 billion Booyahs:
Booyah Day Bat – 30 Booyah Crowns

Spirit of Booyah (Top) – 50 Booyah Crowns

Spirit of Booyah (Bottom) – 50 Booyah Crowns

Spirit of Booyah (Mask) – 40 Booyah Crowns

Spirit of Booyah (Head) – 30 Booyah Crowns

Spirit of Booyah (Shoes) – 20 Booyah Crowns