Gambhir seeks injunction against bar using his name



Gautam Gambhir has moved the Delhi high court against a resto bar chain, which is using his name as a tagline. The cricketer has sought an injunction to retrain the bar owner from using name Gautam Gambhir. Incidentally, the bar owner is also named Gautam Gambhir, who claims to be running the business in his own name.

“The matter is sub-judice. It will not be appropriate for us to comment on this now. Gautam Gambhir is a teetotaller. Association with liquor brand or a liquor business will be the last thing he will approve to be associated with his name. He won’t like to permit someone in liquor trade to use his name. He has sought .protection against that,” a source close to Gambhir told InsideSport.

Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw has issued a notice to the resto bar. The petition for Gambhir is filed by the law firm Jaitley & Bakshi.

“The plaintiff recently came to know that the defendant has been running a chain of restaurants/bar by the name of Ghungroo and Hawalat located in Punjabi Bagh, with the tagline ‘by Gautam Gambhir.’ It is submitted that the tagline makes the restaurant seem to be deceivingly associated or owned by the plaintiff whereas the said act will cause irreparable injury to the interest of the plaintiff,” Gambhir’s suit says.

The cricketer has argued that due to the “immense national as well as international recognition earned by him, his name has attained a distinctive and peculiar indicia of his own, so that every time the name Gautam Gambhir is taken, it is immediately associated, identified and related to him and the goodwill, reputation and respect he has earned for the country”, says a Times of India report.

Gambhir has also submitted that by using his name in a commercial venture, the public is prone to identify every activity in such a venture with the cricketer, causing him “irreparable loss and undue hardship”.
The plea refers to adverse comments on social media sites where Gambhir has been linked to the restaurant and argues that the public is misled into believing it is run by the cricketer when in fact he has nothing to do with it.

In his suit, Gambhir further mentioned that last year when he came to know about the existence of such a restaurant he served them with a legal notice asking them not to use the name. But the owner trashed the concerns raised by the cricketer as a phony story and denied all allegations.