Ganguly funds online start up

Sourav Ganguly

Former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly has decided to fund an online startup. It is his first startup investment in an application which hails itself as’India’s first personal video magazine’. The company is a Mumbai-based video content discovery platform, named Flickstree. The company has raised Rs 3 crore from Venture Catalyst, Aditya Group (Kolkata) and Moksh Sports, apart from Ganguly.

Ganguly will also be promoting the company apart from being a key stakeholder. “Flickstree helps users follow their passion and create their personal video magazine. Such a model has the potential to change the way videos are consumed,” he said during the launch event.

“To invest in startups is something new. Movies and cricket are popular across the country creating maximum controversy and entertainment for the audience and hopefully few years down the line we will see success in this venture, ” he said.

Several of Ganguly’s former teammates have made investments in startups and are also promoting them. Sachin Tendulkar has backed IoT startup, Smartron, Yuvraj Singh has his fund YouWeCan Ventures Technology, through which he has invested in half a dozen startups including wellness platform Vyomo, online education startup Edukart and marketplace for helicopters and airplanes JetsetGo. Furthermore, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli have investments in fitness startups.

The platform, which was officially launched in August 2016, compiles free-to-watch online videos from social networks, media sites, and blogs and then creates a custom user video feed. The platform uses a proprietary self-learning engine to understand user context, predict user behaviour and suggest content that the user is likely to engage with. It aggregates legal movie streaming players, personalises recommendations, allows users to make wish lists so that they get notifications when the particular content is available, offers a movie calendar of upcoming movies, and curates movie reviews.

Flickstree has over 20 video categories that users can currently follow, and will add more categories.
“With so many content producers creating quality content, it becomes difficult for users to discover videos across multiple platforms. Flickstree is trying to organise video content from the free web for users,” Singh said.

Last year, the startup was selected for Facebook’s FbStart programme, which is designed to help early-stage mobile startups build and grow their apps.

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