Gatorade joins Delhi Dynamos for football development

Gatorade joins Delhi Dynamos for football development- InsideSport

Gatorade, the sports brand, has teamed up with Delhi Dynamos FC to help the club in its effort to imbibe a professional soccer culture at the grassroots level in Delhi and NCR. Gatorade will come on board as the official sports drink of the club’s football development programme and will provide the team with a huge boost as they work towards the holistic development of young kids.

The partnership is aimed at helping innovate new ideas to assist the youngsters in performing their best. Delhi Dynamos in collaboration with Gatorade hopes to provide its young athletes with a better understanding of not just sport, but of life as a whole.

Announcing the partnership, Vipul Prakash, Senior Vice President-Beverages, PepsiCo India, said “Gatorade is a scientifically formulated sports drink that provides the right hydration during a strenuous game or a training session. Using Gatorade, the Delhi Dynamos’ youngsters will benefit like some of the world’s leading athletes have over the years. Gatorade’s scientific formula has the right amount of fluids, electrolytes and carbohydrates that can help an athlete rehydrate, replenish and refuel while playing sports. We believe that this association will help enhance the knowledge of sports science among young kids and coaches.”

The beverage and food product maker giant Pepsico’s brand Gatorade, that has over the years worked with footballing giants like Barcelona, Juventus and Arsenal will now work with Delhi Dynamos, looking to develop a comprehensive schedule on sports psychology & nutrition for young athletes and optimize their performance levels when training and competing.

Delhi Dynamos CEO, Ashish Shah said: “The partnership is a huge boost for our football development wing. With a brand as big as Gatorade coming on board, it shows the huge potential that Delhi Dynamos Football Club has to offer. The synergies of both Delhi Dynamos & Gatorade are a seamless match and the ultimate aim for both of us is to provide India with world class talent in the sporting sphere. With the right knowledge of sports science being provided at such a young age, the athletes will surely benefit in the long run.”

Sporting ethos will also come on board as the high performance partner of the club and will facilitate the sports psychology sessions to the youth teams of Delhi Dynamos.

The capital based club has four football schools across Delhi-NCR with more than 200 kids enrolled. The club aims to expand its footprint to 10 such schools at the end of the year, spreading its wings beyond the National Capital. The DDFC academies boast world class infrastructures and caters to age groups between 6 and 18 years.

The Sports Drink brand will help the club in bolstering its youth development by signing a one-of-a kind partnership.