GTA 6 leaks: Here are the Top 3 GTA 6 leaks we know as of now

Here are the Top 3 GTA 6 leaks we know as of now
Here are the Top 3 GTA 6 leaks we know as of now

GTA 6 leaks: After the huge success of GTA V, the gaming world is waiting for the next grand title from Rockstar Games, the GTA 6. It has been almost 8 years since GTA V was released and still it is one of the most popular open-world games. Rumours of GTA 6 have been spreading in the gaming community for a very long time and a lot of information has come out through leaks. GTA 6 is expected to offer a huge graphical update on the previous one, including ray-tracing feature, updated physics advancement using machine learning and other next-gen features.

1. GTA 6 character

GTA 6 leaks: This might be one of the biggest leaks on GTA 6 so far. Tom Henderson, a popular leaker, stated that he has come across Dave Jackson, a voice actor, who claims that he has been playing the voice actor for a character called “Captain McClane” in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title. The post by Dave Jackson also reveals that “Captain McClane” is set to be a police chief.

2. Female Protagonist

GTA 6 leaks: Tom Henderson, also claimed that Grand Theft Auto 6 may get both a female and male protagonist. This might be the first time that any GTA title will feature a female protagonist. A female character was wanted by the gaming community for a very long time. Seems like Rockstar have started listening to the fans.

3. A Modern-day Vice City

GTA 6 leaks: The manager of Rockstar games music, Tony Mesones posted a picture of Miami’s South Beach on Instagram with the caption “who said it would be cold???” and tagged Rockstar Games on his post. Many fans believe that along with his vacation in Miami, he is also teasing his company’s upcoming project. Leaks have come out previously that GTA 6 will introduce a modern-day Vice City setting and will be heavily inspired by Miami. Find out more on GTA 6 by clicking on the below link:

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