GTA 6: What major changes GTA 6 may bring over GTA 5?

Rockstar Games’ latest GTA title was GTA 5 which released back in 2013 and it has been a huge success since then. After the huge success of GTA V, the gaming world is waiting for the next grand title from Rockstar Games. Rumours of GTA 6 has been spreading in the gaming community for a very long time. According to many reports, the development of the sixth GTA title was already started before the Grand Theft Auto 5 even released but Rockstar Games still didn’t announce anything about its upcoming title.

GTA 6 is expected to come with huge graphical improvements and Rockstar will surely take advantage of the power offered by the next-gen consoles. Players will experience a significant increase in game physics as well as more responsive and unique NPCs all over the city. The game also might bring a crypto based currency into the game, according to the popular leaker Tom Henderson.

It is also rumoured that Rockstar Games has planned to eradicate the long term issue of hackers and griefers that bug the players in GTA Online. Tom Henderson recently revealed that Dave Jackson, a voice actor, who claims that he has been playing the voice actor for a character called “Captain McClane” in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title and “Captain McClane” is potentially rumoured to be a police chief in the game. GTA 6 also might introduce a female protagonist and this was wanted by the gaming community for a very long time.

Though fans are desperately waiting for GTA 6, reports suggest that the game is definitely not releasing soon. It is expected that Rockstar Games will release GTA 6 in 2023 at the earliest and could also be as late as 2025.

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