Happy Birthday The Great Khali : Top 5 WWE moments of Indian superstar

WWE News: Former WWE superstar, The Great Khali turns 48 today. Born on 27 August 1972 in Dhirana village of Himachal Pradesh as Dalip Singh Rana, this famous Indian-born American professional wrestler is better known by the ring name The Great Khali of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Let us check out the some of the top 5 wwe moments of great Khali which made him one of the top Indian WWE superstars.

5). The Undertaker vs The Great khali (2006 Judgment day)

Khali beat Undertaker in less than 10 minutes, clean. Name me a few people over the last 20 years who have defeated the Deadman clean in that amount of time. Still thinking?

Khali made his WWE PPV debut here and destroyed Taker. Not only did he pick up a huge win at Judgment Day 2006, the match was a great “big man” battle.

These two also had a wonderful Last Man Standing match a few months later, but this one was more eventful. It was also more memorable for the WWE history books.

4). John Cena vs The Great khali (2007)

This was a falls count anywhere match, and it was a great main event to close WWE One Night Stand in 2007. The ending was the icing on the cake!

There was no way John Cena was losing his WWE title, but Khali certainly gave him a run for his money. He more than lived up to his position on the card, and Cena delivered as usual. Great series of matches from these two! My hat goes off to both men.

3). WWE Title Match at Summerslam (2008)

This was a major match. Against a major opponent. At a major event. Khali was going after the WWE title on this night, and the man he faced was Triple H! Again, there was no way Khali was going to win the gold, but he had a great outing. This reason we loved, WWE SummerSlam 2008, and this was one of the reasons why. After this event, Khali did not see much main event spotlight again. It was a fun ride while it lasted.

2) . Great Khali Is World Champion

This was a battle royal for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship. Edge had just given up the title earlier in the SmackDown episode, due to injury.

A new champion needed to be crowed, and who did WWE go to? Batista? Finlay? Kane? No, no, and no

The Great Khali shocked the world and became champion!

He would go on to the have a great title run for a few months, before dropping the belt to Batista. WWE needed a “short term” title holder before getting it to Batista, and Khali was perfect in that role.

1) . Rey Mysterio vs The Great khali

I wrote about this before, but I really do love this match! Just look at the video I posted above. Rey Mysterio standing toe to toe with Great Khali was a moment in itself.

The match was exactly how you would expect it to go. Rey Mysterio flew around the ring, while Khali just would not go down. Rey was the reigning World Champion, but nobody could beat the new giant of a man.

In the end, this match went about five minutes, and it summed up “what could have been” with The Great Khali during his WWE run. After dominating the company for a few years, he was turned face and into a comedy figure.