HEADLINE: WWE Smackdown: This superstar will appear at MizTV this week

WWE Smackdown: After the last week’s toast which was hosted by Sheamus to Jeff Hardy on SmackDown Live for his incredible victory over Jeff Hardy at Backlash. But this toast turned out reversed one and Sheamus got the taste of his own toast.

Although Sheamus did not come out in the ring and Hardy was hold up in the ring with a bartender and he pretended to drink before smashing the glass on bartender’s head and then hitting a Swanton bomb on him as the show ended and left the message for Sheamus.

The feud between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus has been one of the more controversial segments that have taken place in WWE at this time. In this rivalry, WWE fans are considering Sheamus as Villain for his merciless action against Jeff Hardy and insulting him throughout this feud.


What can we expect on MIZ TV?

Now, this controversial rivalry gets on the final step before the Horror Show: Extreme Rules. But before that Jeff Hardy is set to advertise on this week’s SmackDown episode on MIZ TV. Where he will answer Miz’s questions related to his rivalry with Sheamus.

All the eyes will be on Hardy is he officially going to announce his battle with Sheamus at the Horror Show: Extreme Rules during this interview or will Sheamus ambush him from behind and take the advantage on his side once again. But who knows if this match happens at the Horror Show: Extreme Rules, it would a stipulation match which Hardy would not mind to take it as ladders match based on his past performances in those matches.

It will be curious to see what this special episode of MIZ TV brings for WWE Universe.