Healthaholic Virat Kohli explains his love for this packaged food

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Virat Kohli is fitness personified. Anything with the minutest threat to his strict health regime is out of his life. No junk. No fast foods. No sweets. No aerated beverages. No packaged foods.

For the Team India skipper food means healthy, fresh, nutrient-rich. Still, a latest video shows the man in love with a food product that comes pre-packaged.

It is hard to believe sportstars, who are flag bearers of healthy living and optimum performance, gorging on fried and junk foods, the ones that they usually preach against. Especially, when the star in question is the epitome of modern-day cricket, fitness and healthy lifestyle.

The person in question is none other than Virat Kohli!!!

When Kohli will break the health food commandments, there will be questions all over.

Frenzied fans from all walks of life start complaining when they see Kohli eating packaged chips. “You have let us down”, “You were our inspiration”, “This was not expected from you,” “Does a sportsman eats chips?,” “What will happen to your fitness?,” “What happened to your control?” This is what the disappointed fans are saying as there are fussing about the iconic cricketer frequently snacking on chips.

It does not end here., A man even tears down a Virat Kohli poster from the wall saying, “I’m now out of the league of 1.2 billion fans.” Another disgruntled one went ahead getting his face clean shaved, getting rid of his stubble, a signature Kohli-look that he has carried for over six years. Some are also seen deleting his pictures and shared posts from social media!!!

People who have been religiously following India’s top brand icon, his super healthy diets, his fitness-crazy lifestyle are now unhappy that the cricketer himself has chosen to switch over to junk food. The hypocrisy of the one who claims to have not touched his favourite dishes such as ‘cholle bhature’ and ‘butter chicken’ for over four years, slowly comes to fore.

Kohli, who strictly follows his nutrition and workout regimes, finally reveals the secrets to prove all the critics wrong and answer the burning question put forth by many – “How could he eat chips!!!!! – #WhyChipsVirat? The video below will narrate how the drama unfolds!

The strict fitness disciplinarian justifies his obsession with frequent snacking.”These are not just chips. These are Too Yumm! multi-grain chips. Its not fried, its baked. Not just taste, it has got the power of seven grains,” says Kohli in the video. “Chips ka mazza, without chips ki sazza” (Now enjoy eating chips without the guilt and bad effects of eating regular unhealthy chips)

Now eating healthy chips can be yummy too!!

The entire plot was a part of the latest TVC by Too Yumm! With its new campaign #FriedNotFikarNot.

The brand, owned by RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, had roped in Virat Kohli as the brand ambassador in a two-year deal signed in December 2017. The brand which markets healthy, non-fried and low-calorie snacks is targeting sales over ₹500 crore this year.

The TVC is a build-up on the brand’s previous campaign #EatLotFikarNot that introduced the brand to the market with three variants – wheat thins, Foxnuts and Veggie stix. The previous TVC had a similar storyline where Kohli was seen snacking frequently and everywhere he visits amid all the whining from people around him.