How Mayweather is denied $200,000 on his win!

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Floyd Mayweather was denied a certain income from his bout with the Conor McGregor.

Mayweather had tried to place a $400,000 bet on himself over McGregor. The seasoned boxer left a bookmakers in Las Vegas without making his bet hours before the fight. He had wanted to bet at a Vegas casino on his win in less than nine and a half rounds.

He won the bout in nine full rounds and one minute, five seconds into the 10th round at the T-Mobile Arena. He had reportedly also tried to change the bet to a win by TKO. Eventual result would have won him that too.

While Bookmakers were checking the State rules whether a fighter could put a bet on himself, an impatient Mayweather left the scene without placing his bets, according to The Mirror.

Third time lucky now. Nevada State rules do not stop fighters from betting on themselves. His bets thus were technically and legally acceptable.

Odds placed 1/2 for a Mayweather win. He certainly missed out on adding $200,000 to his minimum $100million payday.

However, Mayweather did manage to place a six-figure bet elsewhere to top up his earning. After the fight, he told ESPN: “I think that we bet 100 on 9½. I gave my guy six figures to go bet. I have to make sure he bet, because earlier today I went to the sports book to bet and they wouldn’t let me.”

For McGregor, the debutant as pro boxer looks set to earn around $70million when the Pay Per View numbers are added up. That will dwarf anything he has earned from UFC, which is why he did not rule out another boxing venture in the future.

On the eve of the fight, Amir Khan said he would be willing to take on McGregor in Ireland. But that looks extremely unlikely with UFC president Dana White saying he would rather McGregor stuck to Mixed Martial Arts from now on.

The only hitch for McGregor, Mayweather and the fight promoters was a technical issue with the Pay Per View across the States but when all the figures are added up, the event is still likely to go down – at around $700million – as the most lucrative ever.