How much did Federer earn with his Wimbledon win?


The former world No.1, Roger Federer proved his mettle as the greatest player by lifting a record eighth Wimbledon title with a one-sided victory over Marin Cilic. Capping one of the most remarkable tournaments, Federer won the grand slam title without dropping a set. And at the age of 35, he became the oldest man to win a title in the open era.

With a win over Cilic, the great paddler pursed $2.9 million, which is a little over INR 18 crores. This is also the highest prize money ever for a Wimbledon winner. It seems like it is Federer against the rest.

Federer has won over 19 grand slam titles, which are 4 more than Rafael Nadal who has won over 15. While Novak just holds over 12 grand slam titles.

Roger Federer

These winnings are very special for the Swiss professional, not only from his career point of view but financially as well. The former world No.1 surpassed the $100 million prize money earnings mark this year when he clinched the Australian open title in January. Becoming the second player in the tennis history to do so. The first being the Serbian Novak Djokovic.

However, with his second grand slam win this year, Federer is nearing to closing the gap and is just $2.5 million behind the Djokovic, who has earned $109.5 million so far. The others are way behind to break any such records sooner.

Roger Federer

While Federer stands second in prize money earnings, he is the king of tennis in terms of overall career earnings. Off the court, Federer is a brand king in the sporting world.

Federer’s endorsement portfolio is arguably the best among all celebrities. He already has 11 sponsors, including global brands like Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Rolex, Credit Suisse and Wilson. Most of the partners being leaders in their respective industries. The deals are reportedly around $50 million annually for Federer, who was fourth on the Forbes list of Highest paid athletes for this year.

Roger Federer

No doubt, Federer is wildly appealing to sponsors because of his long, successful run at the top of the sport. Although the stars’ overall career earning is much less compared to the other athletes, he is undoubtedly the best athlete one can imagine of.

Federer overall career earnings stands at $600m, making him the only tennis player in the Top 15 of the richest athletes. After the likes of Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather, it seems that Federer is taking the world by storm through his overall career earnings into the individual sports.

Roger Federer

Although the former world no.1 stands at number fifteen in terms of overall earnings, his active career span and his accolades are remarkable. His unprecedented brand appeal, his on-court and off-court appearances has been the beauty and the wonder of Federer’s career.

The question is not whether the name Roger Federer belongs with the all time great athletes, rather what great names belong beside his.