How the PUBG and Tik Tok Ban has affected the lives of gamers and influencers in India


TikTok and PUBG Mobile are banned in India, both the apps were a rage and both are still trying various ways of making a comeback into India. Let’s take a look at some key differences between the two bans-

  1. Total Users

TikTok had around 20 million active Indian users. users but saw lower engagement rate than pubg.

PUBG saw around 33 million downloads in India on android and iOS. India had a larger following of PUBG than TikTok, including the amount of engagement rate.

  1. Who felt the effects?

Independent musicians were using TikTok, to get their creations more curious listeners, and display talent. TikTok allowed Indians to show off their jobs  to display their craft.

Just like this the most affected were the players playing on a professional level. Pubg was raking in thousands of dollars in the form of winning or partnership to various teams and player which has been put to an abrupt stop and nullified their agreements. Tiktok had $1.4 million estimated monthly earning. PUBG’s earnings are a little harder to pinpoint as the avenues of revenue is too high, but if we were to look at the average player spend, PUBG players spend average of $1.1 million on the game.

  1. The Ban Itself

TikTok was banned in India 29 June 2020, the ban was implemented in just 2 days after the announcement. Byte dance the Chinese company behind TikTok complied and removed access to it.

Whereas the pubg ban has not yet been implemented. The game seems to be banned on Jio services only and is available on all other ISP’s. The servers of the game continue to run without any objection from the government so far. In hindsight TikTok had an Indian alternative ready to go, but PUBG so far is yet to get one.

  1. Post Ban

Efforts to bring back TikTok were none to less. As majority users

switched to Dubsmash, the Indian version of the app. TikTok has a dedicated team that works on policy-related matters and is believed to be fixing the ongoing issues with the Indian government, it is definitely trying to comeback in India.

PUBG Mobile on similar lines made bigger strides as they cut off the ties with their Chinese partner Tencent gaming and is looking to partner with an Indian company

Most downloaded app in Apple store/ Playstore in 2018. 227 million monthly players and 87 million daily players.
20 million active Indian users. 240 million times downloaded on android and IOS.
Downloaded by 1 in every 7 people in Thailand. 50 million game CD sold of various platform.
The purchase price is between $800 M and $1 B. $1.03 Billion earned in 2018 neglecting android.
Available in 75 different languages all over the world. 13 million cheating players banned.
$1.4 million estimated monthly earning. PUBG players spend average of $1.1 million on the game.
41% aged between 16-24. PUBG Viewed On Twitch Was 2.032 Billion minutes.