“I don’t have much influence at backstage”: Daniel Bryan ahead of his WrestleMania match

“I don’t have much influence at backstage”: Daniel Bryan ahead of his WrestleMania match

Daniel Bryan analyzes his role within the backstage of SmackDown.

SmackDown Superstar Daniel Bryan was interviewed by talkSport where he was asked about his influence backstage at WWE, as Cesaro had recently said that Bryan is someone who usually attends production meetings. Here are the most outstanding statements:

“It’s interesting that they say that I have weight backstage because, I don’t have much to say. Sometimes something really great will happen on SmackDown and someone will say ‘oh that’s Daniel Bryan!’ And that’s not me Part of it is our talent, we have incredible superstars.

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Cesaro is a no-brainer. When you say ‘Daniel Bryan helped Cesaro’, it wasn’t like that. I just said that Cesaro is a very good fighter and they should put him more on television. Apollo Crews, I have nothing to do with what’s going on with him but he’s just great. It’s gratifying to see people you know are talented getting opportunities in the ring. “

“William Regal has been my mentor in wrestling for years and one of the things he has told me is that helping a group of people is more rewarding than fighting. Don’t get me wrong, I love being in the ring but being a mentor is very satisfying. So yeah, there is something to that, of being able to help people and give them a human perspective. We all want that. When we are young we want to reach the top of our career and as you get older you want to help young promises. The perspective changes. ”

“It’s really great to see so many people prosper. People I’ve known for years. I shared a room with Shinsuke Nakamura in 2003, that exposes how old we are both, I have known Cesaro since 2003 or 2004, I have grown up with many people who are backstage today and I have become a man with them. We were all children playing professional wrestling and now we are men, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins and I are parents. I love being a part of SmackDown.”