ICC confirms Rs 4.3 crore cash purse for Women’s WC Champions

ICC Women World Cup

The champion team at the ICC Women’s World Cup will take home a prize purse of $660,000 (Rs 4.3 crore), International Cricket Council has confirmed in a Press release. The runners up get $330,000 (Rs 2.15 crore)

The tournament is scheduled to be held in the United Kingdom from 24 June to 23 July.

In line with the ICC’s strategy of enhancing the stature of women’s cricket, the ICC had earlier in May announced that the total prize money for the tournament would be $2 million, 10 times of the amount at stake in the 2013 edition.

ICC Women World Cup

The prize money filters down the ladder with the runner-up winning $330,000 and the losing semifinalists getting $165,000 each. Teams exiting at the group stage will get $ 30,000 each while each win in the group stage will earn a side $20,000.

Meanwhile, the teams will get to tune up for the pinnacle tournament with the warm-up matches which commence on 19 June with host England taking on Sri Lanka in Chesterfield and India playing New Zealand in Derbyshire.