ICC in legal trouble: Players union FICA initiate legal proceedings against the world body of cricket

Cricket Business – ICC in Legal Trouble : The international cricket players’ union has begun legal proceedings against the International Cricket Council in a dispute over image rights, claiming that they do not receive a “fair share”. The Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA) raised concerns with the ICC more than a year ago, and according to FICA chief executive Tom Moffat, the ICC “haven’t been interested in working on a fair outcome.”

FICA represents the majority of players from the Test nations aside from India and Pakistan, has been in discussions with the game’s governing body for several months over the issue but failed to make a breakthrough.

FICA Chief Moffat has confirmed to Fox Sports that players were upset on commercial rights organisations were allegedly using their images in an illegal manner and that is the reason they are now proceeding legally against ICC.

“We have done our best over more than a year to try to resolve these issues in a constructive way with the ICC and they haven’t been interested in working with us on a fair outcome,” Moffat told FoxSports on Wednesday.

“We have discussed this with the international players from the FICA countries over a number of months and we have had no option but to commence legal proceedings on these points given there are significant principles of fairness at stake

“The ICC do not have a blank canvas to make money using player images and attributes without their consent and without fair arrangements being in place

“Player commercial rights should be respected and arrangements around their use should be fair and agreed with them collectively. That is not the case at global level at the moment unfortunately and we want that resolved.”

The crux of the disagreement is the ICC believes players are being adequately compensated for their image rights. The cricketers are receiving a percentage of the revenue in prize money but that is tied to their team’s performance.

But FICA has completely different take on that

“The ICC have previously argued that because players will receive prize money for performances in future ICC events, that covers these sorts of commercial products,” Moffat told ESPN in October.

“Clearly that is unfair, and was not the intended basis of the Squad Terms or global arrangements for players.”