ICC Meeting : Question is, postponed T20 World in 2021 or in 2022 ?

As reported by InsideSport on 18th May T20 World Cup is officially set to be postponed after the International Cricket Council’s (ICC’S) board members meeting on Thursday. The bigger question in front of ICC on Thursday will be when to host the postponed T20 World Cup in Australia. Should it be hosted in 2021 or will it be postponed to 2022, answers to this will not come easy for the world body of cricket.

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ICC is doing series of meetings since Tuesday and post the Thursday meeting between the board members of ICC, all the key decisions will be officially announced.

– Tuesday – Nomination Committee meeting – Election Procedure for ICC Chairman has already been decided and will be revealed on Thursday.
– Wednesday – Chief Executives Meeting – Cricket Committee recommendations to be discussed
– Thursday – ICC Board Members meeting – Final Decision on T20 World Cup will be taken

Thursday – ICC Board Members Meeting – When to host the postponed 2020 T20 World Cup ??

The most important of the ICC teleconferences this week, the Thursday meeting is the most crucial one. The ICC Board Members will be officially communicated about the situation related to the T20 World Cup in Australia. The big question in front of the ICC Board Members would be when to host the postponed 2020 T20 World Cup ? According to the information with InsideSport, following options will be discussed and deliberated by the ICC board members –

Option 1 – 2020 T20 World Cup should be hosted in Feb March 2021
Some of the ICC Board members feel that hosting of the T20 World Cup is directly linked to the revenues and sustenance for some of the boards. Any delay in hosting the 2020 edition of the T20 World Cup would cost them dearly. Those who hold this opinion are in favor of Option 1, i.e to host the T20 World Cup in Feb-March 2021. But InsideSport is gathering from its sources that BCCI would not be in favor of such an option as India is to play England in 5 test series during this period. Not only this the Option 1 is otherwise also not feasible as BCCI is schedule to host the 2021 T20 World Cup in India in October and two world cups in a year will undermine the edition in India.

“Two T20 World Cups in a year is fool-hardy. The whole relevance of the world cup goes for toss, we will never agree with this”, said one of the BCCI official on the condition of anonymity.

Option 2 – 2020 T20 World Cup in Oct 2021 and 2021 edition to be postponed to 2022
Option 2 will mean that BCCI gives up on its chance of hosting the T20 World Cup in 2021. Instead of Australia hosts 2020 World Cup in 2021 and BCCI will host the T20 World Cup in 2022. According to some sources PCB along with some other boards are in favor of Option 2. But this would mean that India gets to host two consecutive World Cups. Under such a scenario BCCI would be expected to host first T20 World Cup in October 2022 and within 4 months 2023 ODI World Cup. Will BCCI agree to such a scenario, highly unlikely. Not even BCCI, such a scenario would be very difficult for the broadcasters Star India.

“Just imagine, with such a scenario you will be asking Star India and other commercial partners to pay-off and commercially monetize these large opportunities with in such a short span of 5 months. Its next to impossible”, said one of the leading sports commercial rights expert Ashish Chadha, CEO Sporty Solutionz

Option 3 – 2020 T20 World Cup to be shifted to 2022
Though Cricket Australia and some other cricket boards will resist Option 3 but in all likelihood this is what the fate of 2020 T20 World Cup would be. According to the info with InsideSport, the 2020 T20 World Cup will now be played in year 2022. By this, all the concerned parties will get ample time to prepare and conduct their respective editions. Only issue with this option would be what will those cricket boards do who are heavily dependent on ICC revenue shares for their sustenance. Will ICC pay these boards in advance ? Will they be given some loans ??

This is what ICC Meeting on Thursday has to deliberate and decide on.