ICC T20 World Cup: BCCI assures ICC, ‘India ready to host ICC T20 WC’ allaying world body’s ‘concern’

ICC T20 World Cup
ICC T20 World Cup: Board of Control for Cricket in India BCCI assures ICC, 'India ready to host ICC T20 WC' allaying world body's 'concern'

ICC T20 World Cup – BCCI Assures ICC: Allaying all apprehension that it would be “difficult” and things won’t go “as per plan” in staging World T20 tournament in India later this year, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on Wednesday made it clear that the country will be “ready” to host the ICC World T20 in time with “all logistics on track.”

“Though the ICC concerns are genuine but we can assure them that India will be ready in time to host the event. Its ICC event and they can have their opinion but from our side are ready and hopeful. We are following a strict bio-bubble system during the ongoing domestic season. Vijay Hazare tournament is successfully going on and we are confident to conduct the IPL successfully. By the time World Cup will be held, Covid cases will hopefully come down and the risk fact minimized. So I dont think one should lose his sleep over “difficulty” in staging ICC World Cup, World T20 is a 3 week event. IPL is 7 week with a lot of travelling. If we successfully hold IPL, there is no reason why we should we not be able to successfully host the ICC World T20 in time,” a top BCCI official told Insidesport.co on Wednesday.

ICC Chief Executive Manu Sawhney had expressed concern on Tuesday that the World T20 slated to be held in India later this year might not go as planned because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic saying the enormity of the whole procedure makes it difficult when 16 teams are taking part in the T20 World Cup.

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“Getting 16 teams from different countries with their quarantine protocols, with their risk factors….getting them into the country, then making sure the tournament happens and making sure that the players can then get back to their respective countries is an enormous challenge. In the case of risk mitigation, it is not a linear curve,” Sawhney was quoted as saying. adding that there were complexities that the authorities are facing before coming to a conclusion.

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The development comes after Pakistan Super League (PSL) was postponed last Thursday by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) after seven people including players and staff tested positive for the coronavirus.