ICC World Cup 2019: Bangladesh change team’s playing jersey

Bangladesh cricket authorities are compelled to change their home game playing kit for the ICC World Cup 2019 amidst furore from fans and media.

The team before their departure to the UK have revealed two sets of jerseys for the ICC World Cup for the “home and away” games. The all green “home game” jersey resembled the colours of the Pakistan national team. This did not go well with the fans and national media and the Bangladesh Cricket Board had to draw flak from all quarters.

The jersey also lacked the shades of red that traditionally has been an integral part of the team’s Red and Green attire. The Green and Red are the colours of the Bangladesh national flag, representing the soil and sun.

Bangladesh Cricket Board CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury had assured that the all green jersey will be replaced for the World Cup.

BCB president Nazmul Hassan had also said on Monday the design of team’s home jersey will be changed. “There is no red on the home jersey. The new design will have red in it,” he was quoted as saying by a media channel.

Acting quickly, the Bangladesh Cricket Board has changed the jersey. The  new jersey has a red strap in the middle with  ‘BANGLADESH’ written on it in bold letters. Journalist

Saif Hasnat has twitted an image of the new jersey.

Bangladesh will kick off their tri-series campaign in Ireland on May 5 and their first match in the World Cup is against South Africa at the Oval on June 2.