Icon Kohli does a swag for this brand

Virat Kohli - Swagpack - American Tourister - InsideSport

Like his cricket, Virat Kohli does everything in life with more than 100% commitment. He is always ready for what it takes to make that difference! And, he does that with the precision of a seasoned professional. Just like the finesse behind the drives, cuts, pulls emerging from the sweet spot of his bat and everything he does right in the middle on a cricket field.

Mr. Perfectionist of the cricketing world loves to do everything with perfection, passion, and commitment driven by targets to achieve the goals the man sets for himself. Kohli sets similar goals for his commercial commitments and works passionately to achieve those targets.

Virat’s latest promotional video for the American Tourister backpack – coined swagpack – brings all his traits and passion to the fore. Purists will struggle to find faults. Music and dance lovers will love to tap feet, professionals will enjoy emulating. That is the degree of excellence in the swag performed by Kohli to create a long-lasting, magical effect for the “swagpack”.

Kolhi has performed with the “the swagpack” on his back. After accomplishing that swag feet to the camera, Virat has taken to tweet to share his joy with the millions of his fans. And, of course, for commercial conversion for his brand.

Kohli signs off the commercial with a commitment to his fans – Buy a “swagpack” and get a chance to meet me? What else his fans and the brand would need!

Beyond his iconic status, it is this commitment that makes Kohli the biggest brand icon in the country and still keeps his market and value growing. He minces no words to share that he wants to be the best in everything he does in life.

The “swagger” Kohli in this American Tourister video establishes beyond doubt that passion to be the best also triggers for camera with lights… camera… and action!