‘IDBI Federal open to associating with grassroot sports programmes’

After tying up with the P Gopichand Badminton Academy, IDBI Federal Life Insurance Company is open to expanding its association with other grass root sport programmes in the country.

The company is running two cricket academies in Kerala and Karnataka, supports four marathons in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Kochi and has recently announced its support for

“We are not interested in the stars and superstars, we want to create superstars of tomorrow with our support to the grassroot programme”, IDBI Federal Insurance CEO Vighnesh Shahane told InsideSport in a conversation.

IDBI Federal Insurance believes that associating with the grass root programme for various sports is a better investment in building its life insurance brand.

“For our needs, television commercials are expensive and print advertisements can be lost in the clutter”, Shahane said, justifying the investment for the long term in badminton. “Gopichand’s academy stands for all that we want to do – build champions of the future”, he added.

A few years ago, IDBI Federal Life Insurance decided to support cricket academies – one each in Mumbai, Karnataka and Kerala – which are trying to be the nursery for fast bowlers. While the Mumbai centre is not working now, the two others have fast bowling legend Jeff Thomson visiting the centre twice a year to give bowling tips to youngsters.

Besides cricket and now badminton, IDBI Federal Life Insurance also supports four marathons across the country in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Kochi.

Given the nature of the insurance business, the company wanted to create a positive feel to the business. Hence, nursing and creating the champions to tomorrow, according to Shahane, gives a better image to the brand. Before donning the corporate suit for running a business, Shahane played Ranji Trophy for Mumbai as a fast bowler and does know the importance of mentoring and guidance for young sportspersons.