Ignored for Knighthood, emails put Beckham in a spot


Former England football skipper and superstar David Beckham’s image of a clean guy has taken a severe beating . This comes following the leak of several expletive-strewn emails in which he apparently fumed over not getting the coveted knighthood.

According to report in the Economic Times, David Beckham is said to have sworn in emails to his PR team after being told he would not be made “Sir David” by Queen Elizabeth II because of concerns about his tax affairs.

A spokesman for the 41-year-old said the emails, released by the Football Leaks website, were “hacked and doctored” to give a “deliberately inaccurate picture”.

But there has been a backlash against Beckham from sections of Britain’s tabloid media.

In its report the Daily Mail spoke of the “Shame of Saint Becks”, with a columnist pronouncing him “a foul-mouthed, determined egotist” who had used charity work as part of an “increasingly desperate” bid for a knighthood.

In various  media reports it was  said that the former Real Madrid star refused to put his own money into his humanitarian 7 Fund and tried to obtain reimbursement from the UN children’s agency UNICEF for expenses met by his sponsors.

Meanwhile , taking dig at Beckham for his deeds , outspoken television host Piers Morgan told his 5.47 million Twitter followers the revelations were “sickening” and exposed Beckham as a “fraud”.

Ironically, the former Manchester United star Beckham has not spoken publicly since the scandal broke, although he was pictured cradling his five-year-old daughter Harper on the Instagram account of his son, Brooklyn.

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