IISM-Mumbai University offer Bachelor’s degree in sports

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International Institute of Sports Management (IISM) in association with Mumbai University has announced a three-year Bachelor of Sports Management programme. The programme aims to develop top class human resources for the growing sports industry with an essential industry knowledge and leadership skills and puts a special focus on the understanding required to pursue a successful career in this sector.

The course will provide students and young professionals with an in-depth understanding of the design and implementation of the evidence-based sports-specific training interventions.

The degree course will offer the study for issues related to the administrative tasks, planning, organizing, managing and operating for various types of sporting ventures, IISM has stated in a Press release.

The course will also educate students about business aspects of sports including sports systems and organizations finance, promotion, management, law and other relevant areas. On the other hand, the course will help in establishing a foundational base for students to be well-equipped with everything that goes on the field- right from technology to nutrition, anatomy-physiology to direction.

The global sports sector is estimated to be worth between $480-620 billion. The advent of sporting leagues in India has heralded a new era in the Indian sport industry. Leading faculties from the sports sector will help students at IISM learn the art of sports management and offer valuable inputs based on their experience in the industry.

“Owing to the influx of various sporting leagues in the country, there is no doubt that the sports industry is seeing an upward surge. In order to keep pace with the demand and supply, there is a need for sports management professionals in the country at various skill levels. The holistic approach being offered by IISM in association with Mumbai University will equip students with the professional skills and proficiency necessary to lead meaningful careers within the sports industry,” said Nilesh Kulkarni, Founder, IISM.

“When it comes to career decisions, students in India mostly go with the conventional courses and tend to find a limited number of options. There are many who are interested in sports but few of them know about a comprehensive degree in sports management. Sports management is one such growth oriented career option available which has now become a powerhouse of unexplored avenues & innumerable opportunities for an individual who wants to take up sports as a career.”

The bachelor in Sport Management admission at IISM starts from Sep 2019 and will be a three year program.

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