India at Tokyo Olympics- Wrestling LIVE: Bajrang Punia thrashed by Azerbaijan’s Aliyev Haji 12 -5 – Follow LIVE updates

India at Tokyo Olympics- Wrestling LIVE: Bajrang Punia thrashed by Azerbaijan’s Aliyev Haji 12 -5 – Follow LIVE updates –Indian wrestler Bajrang Punia faced a crushing defeat in the semifinals of the Tokyo Olympics at the hands of Haji Aliyev of Azerbaijan in the men’s freestyle 65kg event on Friday. Aliyev defeated Bajrang 12-5 as the former dominated proceedings from the word go. The Indian grappler will now play the bronze medal match on Saturday.

The Indian grappler might have started the game on a high, but Aliyev’s two-point move gave him a 2-1 lead against Bajrang. He further extended his lead as he took the scoreline to 4-1 with the same set of moves over Bajrang. After the first period, Bajrang trailed 1-4 against Aliyev. In the second essay, Aliyev came all guns blazing as he went on a point-scoring spree taking the lead of 8-1. Bajrang came back strong and hard registering four points but the Azerbaijani wrestler kept on extending the lead as he went from 9-5 to 12-5 within seconds.

Earlier in the day, Bajrang won both games comprehensively. Begining his Tokyo 2020 campaign, Bajrang first defeated Ernazar Akmataliev of Kyrgyzstan in the 1/8 Final and then beat Iran’s Morteza Ghiasi Cheka by pinning him down to the mat (victory by fall) in the 1/4 Final.

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ROUND 2 STARTS – Haji leads Bajrand 11-5

  • 11-5 now for Azerbaijan
  • Aliyev takes another one / now score is 9-5
  • 3-8 for Bajrang – can some magic be weaved / 1.30 still left
  • Not looking good for the Indian champion here
  • This is getting one-sided for Aliyev
  • Bajrang completely under pressure
  • Bajrang needs to do something special here

ROUND 1 Starts

  • Haji attacking Bajrang’s leg – he got what he wanted, leads 2-1
  • Can Indian score the 1st point?
  • Punia looking more sure on his footwork
  • 1 minute into the fight and both wrestlers yet to make the decisive move
  • 65kg semifinals LIVE
  • Haji Aliyev is out 1st and now Bajrang Punia is out on the mat

@ 2:58PM: Japan’s Tokuto Otugoro enters final beating Russia’s Gadhzimurad Rashidov 3-2

@2:50PM: Bajrang Punia Semifinals LIVE: Just 15 Minutes more & Bajrang Punia will be in action fighting probably his biggest bout of his life –

    • World Champion Rashidov has lost to Otoguro – BIG UPSET here
    • Meanwhile Bajrang Punia is warming up with coach Shako in the practice mat – last minute tips from the coaches to the Indian champion
    • First SEMIFINAL – Rashidov vs Otoguro – Japanese leads 3-0, are we seeing a upset here? Bajrang is coming next
    • Bajrang Punia fights next vs Haji Aliyev
    • First SEMIFINAL is underway @ World No. 1 Rashidov is down 0-2 to Otoguro of Japan @ the end of Round 1
    • World No. 1 in the cateogry is Rashidov & World No. 2 is India’s Bajrang Punia
    • Rashidov vs Otoguro LIVE in 1st Semifinal – followed by Bajrang Punia vs Haji Aliyev LIVE in 2nd SEMIFINALS

@2:35PM: Bajrang Punia vs Haji Aliyev live: How difficult will be Haji Aliyev’s challenge for Bajrang Punia in Semifinals?

  • Haji Aliyev is 3 time World Champion, bronze medallist of Rio Games – so things are not gonna be easy for Bajrang Punia
  • Punia had a knee trouble just 3 weeks before the Olympics and it completely reflect in the way he moved
  • Indian needs to raise his game in the Semifinals – If not, it will be very difficult for Bajrang
  • Bajrang looked very unconvincing in Last 16 & Quarterfinals

@2:25PM:Barjang Punia Wrestling LIVE: Bajrang Punia vs Haji Aliyev Semifinals live: Bajrang has beaten Aliyev earlier but its Olympics and without any doubt Indian is under expectations pressure –

65kg Semifinals LIVE

  • 1st Semifinal – Gadhzimurad Rashidov (Russia) vs Tokuto Otugoro (Japan)
  • 2nd Semifinal – Bajrang Punia (India) vs Haji Aliyev (Azerbaizan)

India at Tokyo Olympics- Wrestling LIVE: Bajrang Punia enters Semifinals after a hard-fought victory – Follow LIVE updates

India’s Bajrang Punia has made it to the Semifinals of 65kg category but in a very unconvincing manner. He trailed in the 1st round due to passivity and got the warning again in the 2nd. However, in a dramatic turnaround, Punia managed to pin his opponent and win the quarterfinals bout Punia will now face Azerbaijan’s Aliyev Haji in semifinals – Follow all LIVE Updates from Tokyo Olympics on

@14:00PM: Tokyo Olympics Wrestling LIVE – Bajrang Punia vs Haji Aliyev (AZE): Big Semifinals coming in for 65kg weight category @ 2.45PM – Bajrang has looked very uncomfortable and unconvincing in 2 bouts he has played today in morning – despite of that he is in Semifinals and just a step away from securing 1 more medal for India – Follow all LIVE Updates on  – Bajrang Punia vs Haji Aliyev Semifinals LIVE: Catch Tokyo Olympics Wrestling…

Bajrang Punia vs Haji Aliyev in Semifinals LIVE – Know about Bajrang’s Semifinal Opponent:

  • A three-time world champion, Haji ALIYEV (AZE) is one of the most decorated wrestlers from Azerbaijan.
  • He won the bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Games at 57kg.
  • After losing to Gazdhimurad RASHIDOV (RUS) in the first round at 2019 Worlds, he lost to Takuto OTOGURO (JPN) in the repechage and could not qualify for the Olympics. But he finished in the top two at the European Qualifiers and won the ticket to his second Olympics.
  • Born in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan – Aliyev won the World title in 2014, 2015 and 2017. At the Rio Games, he lost to Vladimir KHINCHEGASHVILI (GEO) in the quarterfinals but defeated Nurislam SANAYEV (KAZ) in the repechage before pinning Vladimir DUBOV (BUL) to win the bronze medal.

Bajrang Punia’s form not very convincing: Earlier Punia entered Quarterfinals after a hard fought victory. Punia escaped defeat by thinnest of the margin in the opening round as his bout with 22 year old Akmataliev ended with score of 3-3. Referees declared Punia the winner only because of the highest scoring move. Punia will now face Ghiasi Cheka of Iran in the Quarterfinals– Follow all LIVE Updates from Tokyo Olympics on

Tokyo Olympics Wrestling LIVE: Bajrang Punia enter last 8, Quarterfinals vs Iranian wrestler coming up, Follow live updates

@9:46 AM: 2nd round starts

  • Morteza takes control and goes for a one-leg hold, very well defended by Bajrang
  • Bajrang against the clock again, passivity declared, he already trails 1-0

@9:42 AM: 1st round starts

  • Morteza showing strong upper body strength but Bajrang is hanging on
  • Bajrang is told to be passive and Morteza might gain a 1-point advantage
  • 30 seconds have been added and the passivity rule has been kicked in, he needs to score
  • Morteza gains a point for passivity
  • Great move by the Iranian wrestler, Bajrang is on the defensive now
  • Morteza leads 1-0

@9:42 AM: The wrestlers have entered the mat and will start wrestling now

@9:40 AM: Bajrang Punia vs Akmataliev LIVE: The bout is about to start. The match between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan has ended as Azerbaijan’s Haji Aliyev has entered semifinals.

@8:50AM: Bajrang Punia vs Akmataliev LIVE: Meanwhile let’s concentrate on Punia’s Last 16 content which will take him to Quarterfinals – Indian needs to be at his best right from the start – follow live updates

ROUND 2 ends at 3-3 but Bajrang Punia through due to higher points scored via a single move

  • 2-3 still for Bajrang
  • This is proving to be a tough one – good defense by Punia
  • This should be his round – but he is still not very convincing today
  • Bajrang leads 3-1


  • 3-1 for Bajrang Punia
  • Bajrang leads 1-0
  • Very cautious looking Bajrang Punia – no big move uptil now
  • World No. 2 Bajrang Punia starts – 22-year-old wrestler from Kyrgyzstan
  • World No. 2 Bajrang Punia starts –
  • Meanwhile we must tell you Punia’s Quarterfinal opponent is decided now – it will little know Ghiasi Cheka of Iran
  • ‘I am ready to make my country proud’ said Punia on Thursday
  • Punia needs to be on prowl right from the beginning
  • Punia hasn’t played Akhmataliev before & sometimes new challenge can pose problems
  • Bajrang can be seen warming up / confident looking Punia ready to come on mat

@8:45 AM: Check Bajran Punia’s Draw in 65Kg category – looking good for the Indian champion –

  • Last 16 Bout – Ernazar Akmataliev of Kyrgystan. World No. 1 should not have any problem in beating the wrestler from Kyrgystan.
  • Quarterfinals: If he defeats Kyrgyz Wrestler, he will reach the quarterfinals and face either Ghiasi Cheka of Iran or Tunisia’s Dakhlaoui. Much like the 1/8 finals, Bajrang should not have any difficulty beating either of these wrestlers and should reach the semi-finals without breaking any sweat
  • Semifinals: If Punia reaches the semi-finals, he is bound to face the winner of Kazakhstan’s Niyazbekov vs Cuba’s Tobie Valdes or Senegal’s Diatta vs Azerbaijan’s Aliyev.

@8:40AM: Bajrang Punia vs Akmataliev live for Quarterfinal spot: Just a bout to go before the Indian champion comes on mat to fight Kyrgyzstan’s Ernazar Akmataliev – His opponent not a big name in World of Wrestling but have beaten some top names like Asian 70kg champion Ilyas BEKBULATOV (UZB) – he should not pose much of a challenge for Bajrang

@8:34AM: Barjang Punia Wrestling LIVE – Bajrang Punia has got DRAW of his life, hope he takes advantage of it. Neither Gadzimurad Rashidov not OTOGURO of Japan in his half – he should easily make it to the FINALS – Will he? Follow LIVE Updates as he start his 1st Round

@8:25AM: Bajrang Punia’s 1st Bout Coming Up – India’s Bajrang Punia will kick start his Tokyo Olympics campaign against Kyrgyzstan’s Ernazar Akmataliev – Follow the bout live

@8:21AM: Tokyo Olympics Wrestling LIVE – Seema Bisla defeated by Sarra Hamdi of Tunisia: Indian women wrestlers bad show at Olympics continued in the final weight category as well. Seema Bisla crashed out of the opening round of 50 Kg after losing to Tunisia’s Sarra Hamdi by 3-1. None of the 4 Indian women participants at Olympics have managed making to medal rounds despite of high expectations from them. Sonam Malik, Anshu Malik, Vinesh Phogat and now Seema Bisla all crashed out before making the medal rounds – Follow LIVE Updates as Seema Bisla starts her Tokyo Olympics campaing, follow all LIVE Updates on

@8:00AM: Seema Bisla (IND) vs Sarra Hamdi (TUN) LIVE Coming up for place in the Quarterfinals – Bisla getting ready for her bout, follow LIVE Updates –

ROUND 2 STARTS – Seema Bisla defeated by 3-1

  • Tokyo Olympics Wrestling LIVE: Seema Bisla lose opening bout, Olympic medal hopes completely dashed
  • 1 minute to go, Indian still down by 1-2 / now few attacks coming up by Seema
  • Indian takes 1 point
  • Seema looking subdued
  • Sarra Hamdi leads now 2-0

ROUND 1 Starts

  • Tunisian leads 1-0 on account of passivity on part of Seema
  • No decisive move from anyone of them
  • Both wrestlers trying to get a grip / trying to get a hold
  • Can Indian deliver & enter Quarterfinals?
  • Both wrestlers coming on mat – ready for action
  • Her opponent Sarra Hamdi won silver at the 2019 African Games.
  • Seema Bisla surprised everyone to qualify for Olympics has improved as a wrestler in last 24 months

@7:54AM: Seema Bisla (IND) vs Sarra Hamdi (TUN) LIVE Coming up for place in the Quarterfinals – Bisla getting ready for her bout, follow LIVE Updates –

@7:52AM: Seema Bisla Wrestling LIVE – Bisla should not have big problem in beating the Tunisian. Her real test would be Quarterfinals where she will take on GREAT MARIYA Stadnik of Azerbaizan – Stadnik is multiple time World Champion and Olympic medallist – Follow LIVE Updates

@7:30AM: Tokyo Olympics Wrestling LIVE: Last day for Indian wrestlers to grab some medals: Seema Bisla in 50Kg & India’s biggest medal hope Bajrang Punia in 65kg category are ready to start their campaigns – Follow all LIVE Updates –

  • WRESTLING – 8:07 AM: Women’s Freestyle 50kg 1/8 Final (Seema Bisla vs Sarra Hamdi of Tunisia)
  • 8:49 AM: Men’s Freestyle 65kg 1/8 Final (Bajrang Punia vs Ernazar Akmataliev of Kyrgyzstan)

India at Tokyo Olympics- Wrestling LIVE: Bajrang Punia and Seema Bisla to commence Tokyo campaign on Friday; Follow LIVE updates

Bajrang Punia vs Ernazar Akmataliev

Tokyo Olympics Wrestling LIVE: World No. 1 Bajrang Punia commences his Tokyo Olympics campaign against Kyrgyzstan’s Ernazar Akmataliev

indian wrestlers tokyo olympics: Sarra Hamdi vs Seema Bisla

India at Tokyo Olympics LIVE: Wrestling- Sarra Hamdi (TUN) vs Seema Bisla- Women’s freestyle 50kg 1/8 Final; Live Stream, Scores, Date, Time, All you need to know

Indian wrestlers Tokyo Olympics: How to watch Tokyo Olympics LIVE? 

The world’s biggest sporting extravaganza will be LIVE Broadcasted & LIVE Streamed in more than 204 countries. In India, the Olympics & Paralympics will be broadcasted LIVE on Sony Sports Network & will be Live Streamed on SonyLIV/ Sony Sports. You can also catch LIVE action on DD Sports.

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