India tour of Australia: Narrow escape for Virat Kohli’s Team India on Diwali as plane crashes nearby their hotel in Sydney

India Tour of Australia : Some 30 km from Sydney Olympic Park, where the Indian cricket team is in quarantine, local cricketers and football players survived a scare and fled after a light plane crashed into the sporting field at Cromer Park where they were playing on Saturday.

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Cricket and football matches were underway when the plane careened into the field, just missing a sporting shed where about a dozen people were gathered. The players ran helter-skelter on seeing the plane approaching.

“I yelled out to the guys in the shed, I just said run. They started running,” Greg Rollins, the senior vice-president of the Cromer Cricket Club was quoted as saying

Scott Manning, whose father and girlfriend were inside the sporting shed told Nine Network, “I ran screaming and he [the pilot] somehow just got over the top of that shed. That would have taken out, I’m sure, 12 people.”

The two occupants of the plane, which reportedly belonged to a flying school and crashed after its engine stalled mid-air, have survived despite the injuries.