Indian Premier League’s top earning foreigners

Indian Premier League’s top earning foreigners - InsideSport

The Indian Premier League has become a money minting machine for the top class foreign cricketers. The franchisees, since the inception of IPL, have been continuously showering big dollars to get the world’s best talent into their squad. The charm of IPL is such that hardly any cricketer in the world has been able to turn down the IPL lure of cash-rich league’s contracts.

Every year hundreds of foreign cricketers from different parts of the world try their luck at the IPL auctions in a hope that some franchisee will pick them. However, very few make it to world’s richest professional cricket league.

According to the, professional sports wages calculator, “Moneyball”, IPL till date has contracted 268 foreign cricketers. Astonishingly, these foreign cricketers have been paid a whopping ₹1,930 crores in salaries.

Shocking? Yes, the figure has been splurged on the foreign cricketers since the inaugural 2008 season. This constitutes to almost 45% of the total salaries paid by the IPL franchisees to the cricketers.

Foreign Players IPL Salary 268 players 19,300,014,065 45.05% of total Salaries

The Top 10 overseas salary earners list in the IPL is also very interesting. Ab De Villiers holds the top spot with ₹69.51 crores. The former South African captain is also the highest earning foreigner with the overall IPL salary rank at seven.

The second place in the list is held the Australian all-rounder Shane Watson who is playing for the Chennai Super Kings in the 2018 season. Watson has collected ₹69.13 crores in salaries during his 11-year IPL career.

IPL Top 10 earning foreign player list includes 3 South Africans, 3 West-Indian, 2 Australian and 1 cricketer each from Sri Lankan and New Zealand.