Indian Team Disqualified for Disconnect at Clash of Clans World Championship Qualifier

The fourth qualifier for the $1 million Clash of Clans World Championship 2020 took place from septembet 25 to 27th.

There are six qualifiers in the Clash of Clans World Championship 2020 winners make it to compete in the finals to crown the world champion. They will play in a double-elimination format with the top two teams from each group advancing to the playoffs The monthly event which was to be an offline event at the ESL Studio in Katowice is now taking place offline.

With all the events happening online the organizers from ESL and COC have put in place rules to maintain the integrity of the competition online. There were two teams from India took part in the tournament, namely, team Indians and team Dark Tangent Esports.

Both team teams performed well and made it to the playoffs in their respective groups. Team Indian clashers edged out to take he win against tribe gaming, just 0.8% separated them.

The Disqualification for Disconnect

Unfortunately Dark Tangent Esports was disqualified, they were even leading by score. During the last attack by professor of Dark Tangent, he faced network issues and was disconnected from his face cam. ESL took this as a violation of their rules and disqualified Dark Tangent Esports. The Clash of Clans Post said ‘Teams are required to play their match with their face and devices visible to maintain the integrity of the tournament,’ not having been able to comply has resulted in Team Dark Tangent’s disqualification.

This has created an outrage in the Indian Clash of Clans community, the team soon after tweeted

In this time of Covid all major esports events taking part online, its important to maintain the intrgrity of the tournament, and to make sure nobody is cheating. Organizers have to also consider net issues, and disconnects are a part that come with online tournaments.

Disqualifying for a net issue disconnect is absurd, even though the disconnect did violate their rule. Its important to understand that India and many other countries don’t always have a stable internet, some amount of consideration is to be shown to teams in this regard. Lets wait to see if ESL and COC reconsider their move to disqualify, if they do Dark Tangent Esports would win the game on points and qualify for the world championship.