Indo-Pak tie ignites spot fee rates to Rs 30 lakh

Rupees 30 lakh for a 10-second spot and still no inventory available. That is the scenario for commercial spot values for the forthcoming India-Pakistan match in the ICC Champions Trophy.

It is not just sport when India and Pakistan play cricket. The duel defines the economics of sports. Sets new commercial parameters for the sports market. Scarcity of bilateral matches between the arch-rivals is of the defining factors, befitting the economics’ principle of demand and supply. But, bigger are the emotions of the nation, further ignited by the prevailing tension and bitterness in bilateral relations between the neighbours.

If India is playing Pakistan, the broadcasters’ reach penetrates to the territories which seldom register on cricket broadcast ratings. “Even the States that have shown less interest in this sport like Tamil Nadu, the North-eastern States with very low or no visibility for cricket also watch the game between India and Pakistan,” says Arshad Nizam Shawl, Director, Alliance Advertising and Marketing. The leading sports media buyer in the country, Arshad is among the most familiar professionals with Indian sports marketing economy.

Arshad“India-Pakistan match is a huge thing for broadcasters as it enables them to increase their on-air spot price,” adds Arshad.

India and Pakistan have met in ICC tournaments twice during the past two years, spot price has created new record. STAR has garnered 25% rise on the value of a 10-second spot for the Indo-Pak ties from the 2015 World Cup to 2016 World T-20.

Ind Vs Pak

There is more demand than available spots, in any left, with STAR for Sunday’s Indo-Pak tie in the Champions Trophy. No brand wants to miss the opportunity when viewers from across the country, across all age groups and categories will be hooked to the STAR Sports screens. The spots have become a rare commodity with brands ready to shell anything between Rs 27 lakh and Rs 30 lakhs for a 10-second spot.

“The best thing is that the match is on Sunday. Most people are at their homes. Netizens go crazy and social media buzz starts pre-match with trending hashtags and lot of memes. During the match every ball, wicket or a six calls for an update on social media platforms. That’s the involvement that creates and unprecedented market,” says Arshad.

Ind vs Pak

Nothing sells on TV more than an India-Pakistan match, simply because nothing is watched more than the clash of emotions and patriotism. TV viewership ratings show a consistency in unprecedented growth in India-Pakistan cricket ties when compared to any other television property.

Ind vs Pak

“Talking through India’s perspective, the game is not at all about winning rather it’s about defeating the opposition. Defeating Pakistan is a moment of celebration, like a festival in India,” adds Arshad.

Such is the impact of the game, that even the STAR Sport’s new Indo-Pak match promotional campaign SABSE BADA MOH is about to touch 25 lakh views in a week’s time.

For brands, this ‘moh’ of an average Indian is the biggest opportunity that sends the marketing opportunity prices soaring across all platforms.