₹ 20 lakh per minute, Messi football’s top earner

Lionel Messi: ₹ 20 lakh per minute, Messi football’s top earner - InsideSport

Cristiano Ronaldo’s reign as the highest earning football is interrupted. Lionel Messi is the new name with ₹20 lakh (€25,000) earnings for each minute spent on the field.

Messi has replaced Ronaldo as the highest earning footballer with annual earnings of €126 million (₹1,021.34 crore; $154 million) – almost 65% jump over €76.5 million Messi had earned in the previous year.

Jose Mourinho tops the billing for managers. France Football magazine has released the footballer’s annual earnings data.

The Barcelona superstar has scored a handsome lead over Cristiano Ronaldo, who was the table topper last year. The respective revenue figures for Messi and Ronaldo are reported at €126 million and €94 million from bonuses and commercial revenues. Last season Ronaldo led the table with €87.5mn euros with Messi in the second position for his earning of €76.5mn.

Messi’s revenue from La Liga, the Champions League, Spanish Cup, Super Cup and four international appearances for Argentina during the season will stand at €25,000 for each minute spent on the pitch. The study has also taken the remaining five Barcelona games into consideration for the numbers’ purpose.

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