Intel invites Artificial Intelligence ideas to enhance Tokyo 2020 experience

Tokyo 2020 - InsideSport

Olympic TOP partner Intel has invited Artificial Intelligence ideas to enhance fan and athlete experience at the 2020 Tokyo Games. Intel has launched The Intel AI Challenge for the upcoming edition of the Olympic Games.

California-based technology giant and Olympic TOP partner Intel has announced a competition through which it has called for ideas to help enhance the experience at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, using Artificial Intelligence.

Intel, which joined the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) TOP programme in 2017 as one of their major partners, is running a competition called ‘The Intel AI Challenge for the Olympic Games’, which gives entrants an opportunity to win part of a US$10,000 prize purse for their ideas.

The initiative has invited pitches on how Artificial Intelligence could transform the fan and athlete experience, as well as business applications – from operations and logistics, to the viewing experience, to improving competitions.

Timo Lumme, managing director of the IOC’s television and marketing services said “At the Olympic Winter Games Pyeongchang 2018, we saw the power of technology to bring fans and athletes together around the world in a new and impactful way. Now we are excited to see how Intel will use artificial intelligence to help bring the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 to the next level – connecting fans and athletes like never before.”

Intel, which is also the official Artificial Intelligence platform partner for the Olympics, made its debut as a sponsor of the Games earlier this year in PyeongChang Winter Games, where it delivered the first 5G Olympics and provided virtual reality coverage of the event.