Intel’s cutting edge technology to enhance Olympic experience


Intel, after innovative experiments in various sports, is set to enhance the Olympic viewing experience with its cutting edge technology.

Intel technology will be extensively used to enhance the fan and viewer experience at the Olympics. The partnership focuses on bringing Intel’s technology to the Olympic Games, including 5G platforms, artificial intelligence, VR, 3D and 360-degree content development platforms, AI platforms and drones, along with other silicon solutions.

Intel made a separate acquisition last year of Israel-based Replay Technologies and is pushing forward with its 360-degree replays that leagues like the NBA, MLB, and NFL are all using.

To date, Intel has broadcast March Madness games in virtual reality while the company is in the midst of producing a MLB Game of the Week live, among other uses of VR.

For the upcoming NFL season, the same technology will be installed at 12 stadiums. Intel also partnered with a few LaLiga clubs to deploy its freeD technology within their arenas, too.


Intel will join “The Olympic Partner” (TOP) worldwide sponsorship programme, becoming a Worldwide TOP Partner through 2024. This partnership will transform the Olympic Games and the Olympic experience.

Brian Krzanich, Intel’s chief executive officer, said, “We are excited to join the Olympic Movement and integrate Intel’s innovative technologies to advance the Olympic Games experience for fans around the world. Through this close collaboration with the Olympic family, we will accelerate the adoption of technology for the future of sports on the world’s largest athletic stage.”


Bringing on a technology sponsor like Intel also plays into the IOC’s strategy to reach a younger demographic, to help stem slumping viewership.

“There are many young people that are living a digital life,” said Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, at a presentation in New York. “So we have to go where they are in the digital world, in their virtual reality.”

The first Olympic Games involving the Intel sponsorship will be in Pyeongchang, South Korea, in 2018 when Intel will provide real-time virtual reality viewing of the Winter Olympic Games.

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Working with the IOC, Intel’s contributions to the Olympic Movement will include technology developments that will be rolled out as the multiyear partnership evolves. Few of the technology innovations can be:

  • Technological and content support for Olympic Broadcasting Services’ host broadcaster operations, as well as for the Olympic Channel. Creating a multiplatform destination.
  • Intel’s 5G platforms to demonstrate how 5G will transform communication. Starting in 2018, Intel will partner on what is expected to be the first 5G showcase, setting the stage for the global deployment of 5G.
  • Intel True VR will offer the first live virtual reality broadcast of the Olympic Winter Games.
  • Intel drone light show technology will create never-seen-before images in the sky.
  • Intel 360 replay technology will allow fans to experience the greatest, most memorable Olympic moments from every angle at the Olympic venues. The power to choose what they want to see and how they want to experience the Olympic Games will be in the hands of the fans.