IOC acknowledges change of guard in IOA

Dr. Narinder Dhruv Batra, President, Indian Olympic Association (IOA) - InsideSport

The International Olympic Committee has formally acknowledged the election of Dr. Narinder Dhruv Batra as the President of the Indian Olympic Association.

Dr. Batra has stepped in as the IOA president earlier last week after the only other contestant and veteran tennis administrator Anil Khanna had withdrawn his nomination in the stronger candidate’s favour. Incumbent secretary-general Rajeev Mehta was the unanimous choice for continuing in the office.

In a joint letter to the IOA president, the IOC and the Olympic Council of Asia while confirming the acknowledgment of the change of guard at the IOA have also assured the new IOA administration of full support for the benefit of the Olympic Movement in India.

Letter from IOC acknowledging the result of IOA elections - InsideSport

Meanwhile, the Association of National Olympic Committees has also congratulated the FIH and former Hockey India president Dr. Batra on his election as the IOA President.

In the personal letter to Dr. Batra, ANOC president Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah has also assured OCA’s “utmost support and cooperation in the promotion and development of the Olympic Movement in India. A Kuwaiti politician, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah also head the OCA.

ANOC letter acknowledging the results of IOA elections - InsideSport

Dr. Batra as a sports administrator has established a reputation of being a tough task master, who drives from the front. The man is credited with inculcating a corporate culture and bringing the Indian hockey back on rails with sheer professionalism.

Soon after his unanimous election as the IOA President, Dr. Batra has listed an Indian bid to host the 2032 Olympic as a top priority. The sports fraternity will be looking up to him with high hopes. For, the man seldom fails to deliver on his promises. See Hockey India. Ask hockey fraternity.